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PES 2020 myClub Guide

I have always been a fan of Pro Evolution Soccer - ever since the early ISS days - but I really only gave myClub a chance in 2019.

When I was just starting out, I noticed information was sparse, so this guide is my attempt of condensing everything you should know regarding PES myClub. I am now in the process of updating it to eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020.

I am by no means a myClub veteran/guru, so if you would like to contribute, please contact me - I’ll be more than happy to credit you for your help.

I would like this guide to be as complete as possible, so that newcomers to myClub don’t feel overwhelmed.

If you're new to the game and don't know what to do first, start here. It will show you how to avoid common mistakes and earn the maximum amount of GP possible. Coming from FIFA’s Ultimate Team? You may want to read this first.

I did my best to break everything into chapters, but at times I will introduce new things that haven't been covered yet - if you feel confused, I encourage you to read further. Everything is connected in the game and I promise you in the end it will (hopefully!) all make sense :)

Finally, I will avoid mentioning game controls, so hopefully this guide will make sense to any PS4/XBOX/PC gamer.

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All right, let’s start!

What's new in PES 2020?

If you played the game last year, you will quickly realize Konami did not change much for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. Here is everything you need to know:

What is PES myClub?

myClub is, alongside Master League, the game’s most popular mode. The goal is to build your super team, using whichever players you like for each position.

If you are coming from FIFA, this will look similar to FIFA’s Ultimate Team (despite its differences).

You compete online or VS COM for money (known as GP) to have better players/managers and renew your team’s contracts. The more you play, the more experienced your players will be - which will result in higher stats.

Players have weekly live updates - if they performed well in real life, they have increased likelihood of performing well here (known as Form in Pro Evolution Soccer). This makes things more challenging and interesting, and allows for some diversity in the teams you face.

In 2019, Konami added a new Featured Players (and Featured Teams) feature, with improved player stats (similar to FIFA Ultimate Team’s Team of the Week). In 2020, this has also been extended to National Teams' Featured Players.

Currency in myClub

Just like in real life, you’ll need money to run your club. Signing new players/managers can be expensive, and renewing their contracts is something you’ll also have to keep in mind.

You will rely on GP and Coins for this.


GP is probably the currency most will go for. In the beginning, pretty much everything you do in the game gives you GP - simple things, like a new feint or using a different tactic will give you 100-200 GP.

Every time you complete a game in myClub you will also earn some GP - even if you lose.

You can use this to renew contracts, hire managers, bid for scouts to get the players you want or try your luck with an agent. You won’t be able to get weekly Featured Players with GP, and most top Managers will be locked (ie, available with coins only) when you’re just getting started, so keep that in mind.


Coins are harder to obtain, especially after completing the initial achievements. Spending coins is the only way you can sign weekly Featured Players and the way to go if you want to unlock top Managers early on.

You get 30/40 coins by logging in to the game from time to time (every 3 days), and sometimes PES will simply give you coins as a reward for participating in a competition or when a product launch (such as PES Lite or PES Mobile) occurs.

Obtaining coins takes a while, but there is one way to speed up the process - you pay real money for coins. That’s how Konami makes money, after all!

100 coins are roughly $1 USD/EUR.

Signing New Players

You will start with some players, but if you want to build a competitive squad (or simply play with the footballers you like), you will eventually have to sign new players.

Types of Players

There are 5 different kinds of players - White/Bronze/Silver/Gold/Black Ball.

Ball type will depend on their OVR value at level 1. You will learn about levels later on.

You may be tempted to build a Black Ball team, but keep in mind that those players will be more expensive when it’s time to renew all their contracts. A Black Ball can cost around 4k for 10 games, which is pretty much the GP you make after winning a game.

Each player also has a cost in the team. Black Balls are naturally more expensive - this will force you to get a top manager if you want to play with all your superstars, which is more expensive not only to obtain but to keep in your club. More on Managers later.

But how do you get those “superstars” players? There isn’t a “marketplace” like in FIFA’s Ultimate Team, where you can simply search for “Ronaldo” and buy. You will need to rely on Agents or Scouts.

Let’s look into that.

Using Agents

If you’re feeling lucky and you have some GP/coins to spend, you can spin an Agent. This year, there are quite some Agent options in PES.

Collector’s Box

Every week, a new box pops up, usually with 300 or 450 players you can get. Each spin will cost you 25.000 GP (or 250 coins) and will get you 3 players (level 1).

This is also the only Agent that can get you Legends (such as Maradona or Roberto Carlos).

All these players will be level 1, Silver Ball or above.

Special Agent

On most weeks (including International Fixtures), you will get a “Players of the Week” box with 11 players that performed well in real life. Those can be from Clubs or from National Teams (new in PES 2020).

There will also be a “Featured Club” (sometimes even more than just 1) with a selection of players (usually 8) that are rated higher than their default Overall Score. Assuming it’s a decent team, most will be Black Balls.

For both, you can only try your luck 3 times and each spin will cost you 100 coins. You will only get 1 player (level 1) per spin. Keep in mind that you can’t use GP for this.

Top Agent

There are 4 Top Agents you can use:

This Agent is helpful if you want to improve a specific area in your team.

All these players will be level 1, Silver Ball or above.

Agents as Rewards

Every Monday morning (8 AM UTC), a couple of new challenges become available where you get an Agent if you win the game/cup. This will usually give you a Silver Ball or above, level 1.

From time to time, new legends will become available. The game will leave a daily Agent in your inbox for you try your luck. You just need to login during a specific period, usually a whole week.

For instance, you could try to spin those agents to get Batistuta, who should be included in a pool with other Argentinian players.

Using Scouts

If you want to sign a specific player, you will need a combination of scouts. You can get free ones, and you can also go to auctions to acquire the ones you’re missing.

All players will be level 1 - before PES 2020, this meant that you had to train them up to level 30 for them to achieve their default state, but now you get the player with his true potential immediately.

While you can get duplicate players via Agents, this is not the case with Scouts - which means that if you already have a player in your squad, you can't scout him again.

Free Scouts

After every game you play (or SIM), you will get a free 1, 2, 3 or 4-star Scout. The number of stars is important, because for a Gold Player you will need to combine 4-star Scouts (or mix a 5-star with a 4-star and a 3-star scout so that it averages 4 stars). For a Silver Ball, you can use 3-star Scouts. You can have up to 150 Scouts at any given time.

If you just try your luck with a single scout, you will have a very slim chance of getting a gold player, let alone the one you are looking for. You need to combine scouts to increase the likelihood of getting a certain player.

You can combine up to 3 scouts. Every time you add a new scout, you are basically narrowing down the list of players you can get.

As an example, let’s say you want to sign Nicolás Tagliafico (Gold Ball, 84 rated) to your team. You can combine 3 scouts ("Dutch League"/"LB"/"Jump") and you will have a 50% chance of getting him.

Want 100%? You will either need to have the other possible player in your club already, or you will need to swap "Dutch League" for "Ajax" to narrow it down to 100%.

The thing is, for a specific club, you need to go to the Auctions House (next topic). You can access PES DB to see the combinations you need for the players you want.

There are some players you can get by just combining 3 free scouts - Perisic, for instance, is the only player possible if you combine the following 4* scouts: "Other (Europe)"/"LMF"/"Ball Control".

According to PES DB, these are all the Gold Ball Players you can get with free scouts (100% chance) in PES 2020:

For PES 2020, you can use this helpful spreadsheet to find out all the players you can sign for free (Bronze, Silver or Gold). Make sure you click on "File > Make a Copy" first.

The spreadsheet gives you the players you can scout after you introduce your scout inventory.

You will see that you have a number between 2 and 4 next to each possible scout (that's the number of the stars of the scout). As you add more and more scouts to the spreadsheet, unlocked players will become highlighted in green.

As an example, for Navas, if you add "1" next to "French League 4*", "N/S America 4*" and "GK Catch 4*", he will turn Green.

Auctions House for specific Scouts

You don't get Nationality, Club, Skills or Style scouts from games, so you will have to come here at some point.

When you know which scout(s) you’re missing, you need to place a bid for them. I usually just add those scouts to my wishlist and bid whenever I notice those scouts are available.

You can place your final bid right away, meaning, you don’t have to sit and wait until the auction ends. You won’t know your competitors’ bids; the only stat you can rely on is the latest 5 bids for this exact scout, so it’s pretty much a gamble.

Keep in mind that you can’t use Coins for this mode - GP is the only allowed currency.

You’re buying these scouts directly from the game, not another user - you can actually sell scouts you own and won’t use, but the GP reward is very low, so I wouldn’t recommend it. You’re better off just getting a white ball and using it for SIMs, for example.

You may have noticed I have never mentioned 5-star scouts in the previous topic. That’s because 5-star scouts aren’t a free reward - if you want a Black Ball player, you will need to buy all 3 scouts in the Auctions House!

I would recommend you have a look at what you can get with 50%/33%/25% chance instead of spending so much GP to assure you get a 100% chance - this is known as clearing the scout pool.

Let's say you want a Gold Ball player, and you have 25% chance; the other 3 options are all White Balls. You can get those players first with cheap/free 1-star Scouts, and then the only player left will be the one you are looking for - a 25% chance becomes a 100% chance.

Duplicate Players

You can trade 3 copies of the exact same player for a different player of the same rarity (level 1).

This means that if you have 3 Messis, you can swap for any other Black Ball, like Ronaldo. It's important to note that you cannot trade for legends.

Also, keep in mind that they need to be the exact version of the player for that to work - you can’t mix featured player versions with regular versions.

To do so, go to the CONTRACT / TRADE screen and pick the duplicate player you want to trade.

If you just have 1 duplicate (and you actually enjoy using that player), I would suggest you have a look at the Training Players section instead.

Signing Managers

In other Pro Evolution Soccer Game Modes you can switch formations as much as you like, but in myClub, if you want a specific formation like 4-3-3, you will need to sign a Manager that actually uses it.

For this reason, I have created a list of Managers for PES myClub 2020. Here you can find each manager's formation, cost and other relevant info such as Management Skills, Adaptability and Attacking/Defensive Instructions.

When you’re just starting out, most top managers will be locked with coins - you won’t be able to spend GP to sign them. They will gradually become available as you play more and more (you will need to play/SIM hundreds of games - about 400 - to unlock the best managers).

A cheaper manager will be easier to maintain, but one drawback is that he may not be able to accommodate all your superstar players. Naturally, you won’t experience this problem with a more expensive manager like Joachim Löw, but keep in mind that if you fail to fulfil his objectives, you will need to spend 9.5k GP every 25 games to keep using him.

The list of available managers is frequently refreshed by Konami (every 8 hours) - so you may not see that manager again for a while. Bear in mind they can also return with different formations, so if you see the manager you want with the perfect formation, you should seize the opportunity.

On the last day of each month, the list is actually refreshed every time you visit the Manager List screen - so this is usually a good day to grab that Manager that got away.

Assistant Coaches

You may want to use more than one formation in game - for instance, an offensive formation like 4-3-3 when you need a goal and a more defensive formation like 4-5-1 to secure the lead.

That is possible, provided you have 2 different managers that use those specific formations.

Each team can have up to 3 different presets. In your CLUB HOUSE / SQUAD MANAGEMENT screen, you will then need to do the following:

To easily switch during a game, you first need to go to GAMEPLAN and the “Support Settings” tab. There, make sure “Switch Preset Tactics” is set to ON.

Then, you can long press UP in-game to use the offensive formation or long press DOWN for the defensive formation.

Manager Upgrades

There are a couple of things you can still do to improve your team after signing a top manager.

Team Spirit

According to Konami, Team Spirit is "an overall indication of a group of factors, including a manager's suitability to your squad, each of your player's positional suitability and mastery of team instructions as well as your current Preset Tactics (both main and subs)".

By simply playing more games, players will get more comfortable with their team mates and their positions. Your team will work better as a whole if your Team Spirit is 99.

You should obviously use players in their preferred positions. Some of them are very versatile, and some may even have a higher rating in a non-default position. Messi is 94-rated as SS, but he’s actually 96 if you play him as AMF.

You can access PES DB to quickly see a player’s preferred positions and his rating on each one.

Tactical Training

Tactical Training items can be applied to your team to boost the tactical prowess of players in relation to how they play under certain Team Instructions. This may increase Team Spirit as well, but since that grade relies on many factors, that's not guaranteed.

You are awarded these items after certain time-limited events, such as completing a number of games/actions in the game.

To use this item, visit the CLUB HOUSE / SQUAD MANAGEMENT screen, press the "Team Menu" button and use the "Tactical Training" item.

Players that already have the highest rating for tactical prowess (99) will not be included in the training.

Familiarity Boost

If you’re bringing a new Manager to your squad and want to quickly increase their familiarity, you can use a Familiarity Boost. This will result in an increase in overall Team Spirit.

This is something that you are awarded after certain time-limited events, such as completing a number of games/actions in the game.

To use this item, you will need to go to the CLUB HOUSE / SQUAD MANAGEMENT screen, select your manager and click the "Manager Menu” button. There, you can apply the “Familiarity Boost” item.

120% is the maximum Familiarity you can have for a manager. If that number has been reached, you won’t be able to use that item.

Management Skills Boost

Each player has individual costs related to their abilities, so a top player is more expensive. As the number of Black Balls in your team increase, so will the overall cost of your squad.

Due to this, you will be forced to either sign a new Manager or increase the Management Skills of your current one with a Management Skills Boost.

Each item will increase your Management Skills by 10 points, allowing you to add better players to your squad.

Similar to the Familiarity Boost, this is something that you win randomly during time-limited events - still, you won’t get them as often.

To use this item, you will need to go to the CLUB HOUSE / SQUAD MANAGEMENT screen, select your manager and click the "Manager Menu” button. There, you can apply the “Management Skills Boost” item.

1.200 is the maximum Management Skills you can have for a Manager.

Renewing Contracts

This is something that can surprise some newcomers to PES myClub. Getting the players/managers isn’t usually the hard part - keeping them is the real challenge.

Player Renewal

Every 10 games, you will need to renew a player’s contract. A Black Ball player is more expensive than a Silver Ball, costing around 3-4k GP. This will be a problem, as this is roughly the same GP you make when you win a game, and if you’re rocking a 5-star team, you will need 35k every 10 games to keep using all your players.

You can also use coins to renew your players’ contracts, although I wouldn’t recommend it - you should save them for the weekly Featured Players/Teams or top Managers when you’re just starting out.

If you don’t renew the contract right away, you will still keep the player in your club - you simply won’t be able to play with him until the contract is renewed.

Every now and then you will also get some “Contract Renewal Tickets”. This basically means you can renew any player contract without spending GP/coins. Naturally, you should save those Tickets for your most expensive players.

Players' contract renewal become more expensive as they level up. If you're scouting for a player like Ronaldo, who probably will play often in your team, you can save some GP by immediately renewing his contract for dozens or hundreds of games while he is still level 1.

Manager Renewal

Managers are a little different: when their contract runs out, provided you have fulfilled their objectives, they will be extended for free.

If you failed to achieve their goals, you will need to spend GP/coins to renew their contracts - top managers are expensive (7k or more) but at least their contracts are renewed for 25 games.

Objectives vary depending on the coach you are using and how successful you’ve been in the previous run. At the end of each game you will get a status update on your objectives.

To renew their contracts for free, you need to accomplish a certain amount of points in one of the following competitions (period of 25 games):

In my experience, SIMs are usually the easier ones to pull off, although you can’t really control the outcome of the games. VS COM games are probably the safest bet provided you’re a decent player, but you will have to play a lot of those to secure a free contract renewal.

Training Players

We have been talking about player levels for a while now. It’s time we understand what that is about.

Player Levels

In 2020, all players you get will be level 1 - this is their "default state". In the past, level 30 represented the baseline level of performance for all players, so this basically means that level 1 is the new level 30.

Their Overall Rating at level 1 will determine the player's Ball Type (White, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Black). Depending on the player's age and potential for growth, they will have a different max level ceiling.

This means that gold ball players (and even some silvers) can be rated higher than 85 when maxed out - which is good, because they are cheaper to maintain.

To reach your players' max level, you will need to train them to upgrade their stats. To do so, you will need to play a lot (each game will give your players a bit of EXP, depending on minutes played, star rating and difficulty setting) and/or convert players you no longer want into EXP Trainers.

You can use this handy Contract and Experience Calculator Spreadsheet for PES 2020 (check the "Experience Calculator Tab") to see how much EXP you need to gather to max out a player.

Converting Players into EXP Trainers

Throughout the season, you will get many players that you don’t like, don’t fit your play style or simply don’t need.

When you have players you won’t use in your games, you might as well convert them into EXP trainers to “feed” them to your favourite players.

I usually wait until their contracts run out, and instead of renewing, I convert them into trainers. If they are White Balls they won’t have a lot of EXP to give, but it all adds up. You can store up to 100 trainers.

Each player has different potential. Just like in real life, young players will have a higher ceiling - a player like Vinícius Júnior (gold ball, 82 rated) can be trained all the way up to become a Black Ball left winger… a lot of effort to train, but a much cheaper contract to renew!

To make sure you don't accidentally convert your favorite players into trainers, you can lock your players inside the CLUB HOUSE / myClub MEMBERS screen (just pick your player(s) and press the "Player Menu" button).

Maximising EXP

When you’re training your players, make sure you take both their position and their trainer’s position into consideration. In other words, you should train a CF with a CF, or a DMF with another DMF to maximise compatibility, thus more EXP.

In PES 2019, the level of the player you were converting into trainer was something important to consider. Their base EXP increases every 10 levels - so if you had a player at level 18, you might as well reach level 20 before converting him into a trainer. For PES 2019, you could use this very handy Base Experience Calculator to determine how much Base Experience you can get.

You can see the minimum guaranteed points you will get before submitting for training, but this is just the “worst case scenario” - taking just the position into account.

You can actually get even more EXP if you’re lucky and you get a Multiplier. But how does that work?


Multipliers, as the name says, multiply the base EXP you can get from a trainer.

There are apparently 6 possible multipliers you can randomly get: 1x, 2.4x, 5.75x, 13.8x, 33x and 79.2x. You’ll be real lucky if you ever see the last one!

You can increase your odds of getting a high multiplier if you look at the traits of your players and the trainers you have at your disposal.

When you're training a player, if you look closely at the "Training Details" screen, you will see 3 fields:

These 3 factors are the ones you should take into consideration if you want to increase your chances of getting a higher multiplier.

Let's use Jemerson as an example: he is a Brazilian CB that plays in Monaco and has a “Build Up” Playing Style. If you train him with another Brazilian CB that has that exact Playing Style, you’re more likely to get a high multiplier.

Training with Duplicate Players

This is probably the best way to max out a player you really like.

Duplicates get 3x the base experience when training each other, so you're definitely giving your player a bigger boost - and what's even better is that since they both have everything in common, you are increasing the odds of receiving a high multiplier, as seen in the previous section.

How do you get Duplicate Players? You can either spin a lot of Agents (and I mean a lot!) or you can continuously scout, train, and convert those players into trainers - this is the approach most people use, although it's pretty time-consuming.

Keep in mind you can't scout a player you already have in your squad - so you need to keep converting them into trainers before scouting a new one.

Let's say you want to train Naldo: you can scout him, train him up to level 10 or 20 to get bigger base EXP, convert him as trainer, and repeat this process all over again. When you feel like you have enough Naldos in your training inventory, you can then scout Naldo one final time and train him with all your trainers.

One thing to note is that featured players are actually different from the regular players, so you can scout the regular versions to max out your featured players.

If you have millions of GP (or coins) and would rather spin agents, you can reset the box as soon as you get the player you want to give it another go.

Items - EXP, Position and Skill Trainer

Every now and then, new competitions become available where you can participate and win certain items to apply to your players. You can get:

Player Form

Live Condition Rating

Condition Rating is usually updated every week, assuming you're in the middle of a football season. When you load myClub, you will see the game's top players' condition right away.

If your players had a good week in real life, they will witness a “Form upgrade” in PES myClub as well. Form has 5 variants: A/B/C/D/E. A player who scores a hat-trick is pretty much guaranteed to be in A-form for that week.

This means he will be very likely to have the arrow up for pretty match every game, every time you select him.

It is unknown how much attributes are improved, since Konami hasn't mentioned this since the PES 6 guide book, back in 2006, but you can have a look at this chart for PES 2018 to have an idea of what to expect, provided they haven't changed it over the years.

In any event, one thing's for sure: this simply means your players should perform better than usual.

If a player is injured in real life, he will likely be in C-form for that period (and sometimes in D-form the week after the match they got injured). If you notice your player is in D-form, you should avoid playing with him, as he’s likely to have his arrow down for most games, resulting in poor performances.

C-form is the default state, and the one most players will usually be in. If the competitions are paused, C-form will be applied to all players. Legends are always in this state.

The Form Attribute

You should also keep an eye on the “Form” attribute of each player, which is independent from what I mentioned above. To know your player's Form value, you can either check your player’s stats, or access PES DB. They range from 1 to 8.

See this as a "Consistency" metric. The higher the number, the more consistent they are - Messi and Ronaldo, who consistently perform well throughout the year, have 7, while a generic White Ball can have 3. This means that Messi and Ronaldo will usually have their arrows in the middle for most matches.

Inconsistent players are more unpredictable. They are more likely to have an arrow up or down, and are less likely to stay in the middle. This is backed by Japanese blogger Hanabi's findings: he tested how the "Form" stat of a player influences the probability of red/orange/yellow/green/blue arrows throughout 100 matches.

You can find a summary of his conclusions below: the big takeaway is that Form 7 might actually be the most desirable rating.

PES 2019 Graph Form Study!

The calculation Konami performs is unknown, but if a player has a high form number and is in A-form, you can pretty much bet he will perform with the arrow up almost every game.

If you have many quality players in your squad, you should use as many A-form players as possible. This also adds a bit of variety to the teams you will face every week.

If every player is in C-form that week, you should go for versatile players that have a high "Form" attribute value, as they should display "normal" arrows often.

Playing Styles

Playing Styles were introduced in 2014 and have been expanded in PES 2019 with 4 more possibilities. Each player can only have 1 Playing Style (some have none), but up to 5 COM Playing Styles. You can't change these player traits in MyClub.

Let's find out what they are about!

Playing Styles - Full List

Playing Styles are only activated if players are on their compatible position(s) and they affect the positioning and movement of the player.

There are 21 Playing Styles. This is the official description of each one, as provided by Konami.

Goal Poacher (CF / SS)

A predatory striker who plays off the shoulders of the last defender.

Dummy Runner (CF / SS / AMF)

A player who attracts the defence to create space for other players to exploit.

Fox in the Box (CF)

A striker who lurks in the opposition 18 yard box just waiting for the ball.

Target Man (CF)

A player who becomes the focal point of attack by holding the ball up in an advanced position.

Creative Playmaker (SS / LWF / RWF / AMF / LMF / RMF)

A player who takes advantage of any opening in the defense to initiate attacks and assists in shots on the goal.

Prolific Winger (LWF / RWF)

A player who positions himself on the wing to receive passes, occasionally cutting into the center when the opportunity arises.

Roaming Flank (LWF / RWF / LMF / RMF)

A player who tends to cut inside from the wing to receive passes.

Cross Specialist (LWF / RWF / LMF / RMF)

A player who hugs the touchline, waiting for a chance to cross the ball in.

Classic No. 10 (SS / AMF / CMF)

An old-style static playmaker who makes use of deft touches and passes rather than pace or movement.

Hole Player (SS / AMF / LMF / RMF / CMF)

A player who looks to make runs into the opposition goal area when the team is on the attack.

Box-to-Box (AMF / LMF / RMF / CMF / DMF)

A player who tirelessly covers every blade of grass for the full 90 minutes.

The Destroyer (CMF / DMF / CB)

A tenacious battler who keeps opposition attacks at bay through hard tackling and pressing.

Orchestrator (CMF / DMF)

A player who lurks in deeper positions, ready to initiate attacks.

Anchor Man (DMF)

A deep sitting defensive midfielder protecting the backline.

Build Up (CB)

A player who likes to drop back in order to receive the ball and trigger attacks from deep.

Offensive Full-back (LB / RB)

An attack-minded full back who will run upfield and join the attack when presented with a chance.

Full-back Finisher (LB / RB)

An attacking full-back who enjoys joining the attack in high central areas.

Defensive Full-back (LB / RB)

A solid full-back who prefers to stay back and stick to defensive duties.

Extra Frontman (CB)

A defender who likes to join in the attack and lay siege on the opposition goal at every given opportunity.

Offensive Goalkeeper (GK)

A keeper playing a sweeper type role who often comes out to cover the area behind the defence.

Defensive Goalkeeper (GK)

A solid keeper who prefers to stay around the goal line.

COM Playing Styles

This will affect AI-controlled players only (useful for SIMs or Co-Op games). There are 7 COM Playing Styles and this is how Konami describes each one.


The step-over expert who makes the most of exquisite skills to dribble past the opposition.

Mazing Run

A player who looks to penetrate deep into opposition territory by using deft turns and dribbles.

Speeding Bullet

A pacey player who likes to get forward.

Incisive Run

A dribbler whose expertise is to cut in from the wide areas looking for goal scoring opportunities.

Long Ball Expert

A player who frequently plays the long ball.

Early Cross

A player with great vision who won't miss the chance to hit an early cross.

Long Ranger

A player who frequently takes snapshots at goal from range.

Player Attributes

Here you can find the official Konami description for each player stat. This is what sets a player apart, along with their unique set of skills.

Some stats have been renamed in PES 2020 and some are brand new, such as "Tight Possession" or "Aggression". The "Inspire" section is something new in PES 2020 which you can also find at the bottom of this list.

Player Attributes - Full List

Offensive Awareness

Indicates how quickly a player can respond to the ball when attacking.

Ball Control

Indicates how adept a player is at controlling the ball in general. Affects trapping and feints.


Indicates how adept a player is at maintaining control of the ball while dribbling at speed.

Tight Possession

Indicates how skilled a player is at performing turns while dribbling at low speed.

Low Pass

Indicates how accurate a player is when playing low passes along the ground.

Lofted Pass

Indicates the accuracy of the player's lofted passes.


Indicates the player's shooting accuracy.

Set Piece Taking

Indicates a player's accuracy from set pieces including free kicks and penalties.


Indicates how much curl a player can put on the ball.


Indicates the accuracy of the player's headers.

Defensive Awareness

Indicates how quickly a player can respond to the ball when defending.


Indicates how proficient the player is at winning the ball against an opponent.


Indicates how aggressively the player will attempt to steal the ball during challenges.

Kicking Power

Indicates how much power a player can generate when kicking the ball.


Indicates how quick the player is when off the ball.


Indicates how quickly the player is able to reach his top running speed.


The higher the value, the better the player is at avoiding tackles and maintaining his balance when coming into contact with another player.

Physical Contact

The higher the value, the better the player is at winning challenges and not losing his balance when coming into contact with another player.


Indicates how high a player can jump.


Indicates a player's level of fitness and endurance.

GK Awareness

Indicates how quickly a player can respond to the ball when playing in goal.

GK Catching

Indicates the goalkeeper's ability to catch the ball. A higher value means that the keeper can catch more powerful shots.

GK Clearing

Indicates the goalkeeper's ability to knock the ball away to safe areas.

GK Reflexes

Indicates the goalkeeper's ability to make quick reaction saves.

GK Reach

Indicates the goalkeeper's coverage of the goal and the size of the area in which he can make saves.

Weak Foot Usage

Indicates how often a player will use his weaker foot. The maximum value is 4.

Weak Foot Accuracy

Indicates how accurate a player is with his weaker foot. The maximum value is 4.


Indicates a player's ability to maintain form over time. The maximum value is 8. This is an important stat which I explain in more detail here.

Injury Resistance

Indicates a player's level of resistance to injury. The maximum value is 3.


Players may have the Inspire characteristic based on his abilities. When on the ball, such players inspire teammates to behave in a way that complements their playstyle, meaning that this affects the players around the player that currently has the ball.

There are 3 different Inspire possibilities, and a player can have up to 2 stars for each one.

Dribble on the Break

Available for players skilled at through-dribbling. Teammates will react as if the player is dribbling towards the goal.

Low Pass

Available for players skilled at low passing. Teammates will move as if the player is making a low pass.

Lofted Pass

Available for players skilled at lofted passing. Teammates will move as if the player is making a low pass.

Player Skills

Player Skills were also introduced in 2014 (just like Playing Styles) and are very important in 2 ways: it's what set players apart and very useful when it comes to scouting for a specific player.

In PES 2020, there are some new skills to keep in mind: "Long Range Shooting", "Through Passing" and "Gamesmanship" (formerly known in PES 2019 as "Malicia").

Player Skills - Full List

In PES 2020, there are 41 different Player Skills. This is how Konami describes each one.

Scissors Feint

Enables players to execute the Scissors Feint at high speed.

Double Touch

Enables players to quickly execute the Double Touch.

Flip Flap

Enables players to execute the Flip Flap.

Marseille Turn

Enables players to execute the Marseille Turn.


Enables players to execute the Boomerang Trap and the Crescent Turn.

Cross Over Turn

Enables players to quickly execute the Cross Over Turn.

Cut Behind & Turn

Enables players to execute the Cut Behind.

Scotch Move

Enables players to execute the Scotch Move.

Step On Skill control

Enables step on ball control to execute feints and turns.


Improves the accuracy of headers as well as the frequency of downward headers.

Long Range Drive

Enables players to hit curling shots with great accuracy from a distance.

Chip shot control

Enables accurate chip shots.

Long Range Shooting

A measure of how accurately the player can shoot at long range.

Knuckle Shot

Enables players to hit knuckle shots with greater ease, also applies to Free Kicks.

Dipping Shot

Enables top spin shots that bounce erratically in front of the goalkeeper.

Rising Shots

Enables shots that begin with a low trajectory that rise sharply.

Acrobatic Finishing

Enables players to find a finish even from from awkward positions or when off balance.

Heel Trick

Enables players to pass and shoot using the heel, even from awkward positions or when off balance.

First-time Shot

Improves technique and precision when taking first-time shots.

One-touch Pass

Improves technique and precision when playing one-touch passes.

Through Passing

Increases the accuracy of a player's through balls.

Weighted Pass

Enables players to apply back-spin when playing lofted passes and through balls improving accuracy.

Pinpoint Crossing

Enables players to curl in crosses with great accuracy.

Outside Curler

Enables players to shoot and pass using the outside of the boot even at long distances.


Enables players to execute a Rabona and means they can pass or shoot when the opposition is not expecting it.

No Look Pass

Enables passes that misdirect opponents.

Low Lofted Pass

Enables players to hit a long accurate Lofted Pass with a low trajectory when appropriate.

GK Low Punt

Enables players to take long accurate punt kicks with a low trajectory.

GK High Punt

Enables goalkeepers to take long, high punt kicks that end up deep in opposition territory.

Long Throw

Improves the range of long throws.

GK Long Throw

Improves the range on throws by the goalkeeper.

Penalty Specialist

Enables higher accuracy penalty kicks.

GK Penalty Saver

Enables better goalkeeping reactions against penalty kicks.


Enables players to win free kicks when on the ball.

Man Marking

Enables a player to stick to and persistently chase down an opponent.

Track Back

Enables an offensive player to actively pressure the opposition player who is on the ball to try to win it back.


Enables better interception skills.

Acrobatic Clear

Enables players to clear the ball using their feet, even from awkward positions.


Become the team's inspiration on the pitch, reducing the effects of fatigue for all the team.


Improves player's abilities when introduced in the second half of the game.

Fighting Spirit

Enables players to perform better under pressure and fatigue, as well as adversity.

Advanced Instructions

In the Game Plan screen, under "Preset Tactics", you can define Advanced Instructions for your team - up to 2 for Attack and 2 for Defence.

By default, they will be activated when you start every match, but you can toggle them ON/OFF by pressing L2 + the direction of the instruction in the D-pad.

These are all the Advanced Instructions available in eFootball PES 2020 - you can use them with any manager you choose. "Anchoring" is the only new instruction in 2020.



Selected player is restricted from drifting out of position horizontally. For example, your centre forward will keep to a central position, and your wingers will not venture inside.

False Winger

Wingers (or wide midfielders when no wingers are present) who stray from their traditional wide positions to play more centrally. When a false winger comes inside, the full back on the same side will move into advanced positions.


Designated players will refrain from pushing forward in attack.

Hug the Touchline

Players on both flanks stay close to the touchline. This means that even if the ball is on the other side of the pitch, the player on the flank will stay wide.

Attacking Full Backs

Both full backs will surge forward while midfielders drop back to cover them. As the full backs push forward, wingers will move towards the middle.

Wing Rotation

When a player is in possession of the ball on the wing, a teammate will head to the touchline to give them passing options. Other teammates will then run into the space that has been created.


The priority is to keep passing the ball. Players take up positions to enable possession to be retained. Players will tend not to try to dash into space behind the opponent's defence.

False No.9

The striker will frequently drop into the hole to collect passes. As he comes back for the ball, his teammates will push forward to fill the space he has created.

Centring Targets

The aim is to score from crosses. When a player on the wing has possession, forwards will get into position in front of the goal and wait for the cross.

False Full Backs

The full backs stray from their traditional positions and push into the centre. This gives the team numbers in the middle of the pitch.


Wing Back

Wide midfielders or wingers drop back to cover defensively when needed.

Tight Marking

Certain players will be marked much tighter than usual, with the marker switching depending on the position. Space tends to open up as players track the opposition player they're marking.

Deep Defensive Line

The defending team drops back to guard against through balls, leaving more space between individual players and the opponent they are marking. As players are no longer tightly marked, it makes it easier to pass the ball to feet.

Swarm the Box

When the opponent is pushing forward up the wing, players will group in front of goal. As players are bunched near the goal, it becomes easier for the attacking team to shoot from far.

Counter Target

Certain forwards stay in the vicinity of the opposition's box rather than dropping back to help the defence. It means that these forwards do not use up energy running back and forward.


When a team loses possession, they immediately try to win it back with multiple players putting the player on the ball under pressure. It demands a lot of stamina.

Game Modes and Weekly Challenges

What’s On

This mode is updated every week (Monday, 8 AM UTC) with new challenges where you can usually unlock an Agent if you win (that gives you a Silver Ball or better, level 1), extra GP or some other training items, such as Position or Skill Trainers.

You have both Online and VS COM challenges:

Matchday Mode

A new competition in eFootball PES 2020. This is a daily, time-sensitive event with (usually) the following schedule:

Depending on the day of the week, there are currently 2 ways to play Matchday: with "Preset Squads" or with "Custom Squads" (your myClub squad). Konami seems to be splitting these in 2 parts: you can play with the "Preset Squads" from Monday to Wednesday and "Custom Squads" from Thursday to Sunday.

You can access this mode outside myClub (go to the main screen and pick EFOOTBALL / MATCHDAY) on "Preset Squads" days or inside myClub, in the MATCH / WHAT'S ON / MATCHDAY section, on "Custom Squads" days.

You choose one of two sides and face other players who have chosen the other side in Group matches. The side that wins the Group Match stage earns an advantage in the Grand Final match (a 1 goal lead) and the side that emerges victorious there are crowned Matchday champions.

With "Preset Squads", every player has the arrow up (which improves their stats). With "Custom Squads", things are a little different. Let's say the game is Manchester United Vs Arsenal. You choose Manchester United. If you have players in your squad like David De Gea or Lindelöf, who belong to the side you choose, they will play with the arrow up. Conversely, a player like Guendouzi, who belongs to the other side, will have the arrow down, meaning that he will underperform.

Depending on the number of games you play and how you perform, there are usually 3 tiers for Rewards (500 / 2000 / 4000 points), awarding you with specific Scouts, 20-30 Coins, GP or even Position trainers. If your side wins, you gain 5.000 GP; if your side loses, 3.000 GP.

You can also earn extra GP if you spectate the Grand Final match between the 2 sides, which opposes the two players that have gathered more points during that day. After spectating the match, you will gain 5.0000 GP if your side wins the Grand Final, and 3.000 GP if your side loses.

All rewards are the same, regardless if you're playing with "Preset Squads" or" Custom Squads".

Online Challenge Cup

You can play a weekly challenge that usually awards you 10.000 GP if you win. If you're new to the game, you can/should play the "Introductory Online Challenge", where you get 10.000 GP for each of the first 5 online games you play (your Ranking won’t be affected).

There is usually a multiplier that will award you more GP if you use specific players in your squad - usually Featured Players from that week.

VS COM Challenge Cup

Usually you face 3 teams from that week’s featured league. Difficulty is usually pretty easy, and by winning all 3 games you are rewarded with 5.000 GP (rewards may be different, depending on the week). This is also great to repeat for that “First Victory of the Day” bonus (3.000 GP).

myClub Open

Every weekend, you will also find a special "myClub Open" screen here. This is a special competition with shorter matches: 5 minutes, with no Extra Time or Penalty Shootout.

Your rank is decided by your best results over 3 consecutive games. Highest points matter the most, but goal difference and time taken to achieve those results are also taken into account.

During the Qualifying Round there are no limits to the number of matches you can play. The top 16 will progress to the Knockout Phase. You need to be logged in the Qualifying Round Menu at the time the Qualifying Round ends, as you will lose your spot otherwise.

In the Knockout Phase, matches are still 5 minutes, but Penalty Shootout is included. Should you reach the final, the match duration is 10 minutes, with Extra Time and Penalty Shootout.

You will be rewarded with up to 20.000 GP, assuming you reach the final and win the game.

You won't be able to change your team throughout the competition - once you select your 18 players, all you can do is refill their stamina or renew their contracts.

Ranked Match

You face someone online. A victory will improve your ranking, while a defeat will negatively affect your position.

By default, Matchmaking usually tries to pair you against a similar team - if you have a 5-star team, you will face another 5-star team, but if you only have a 3-star team, the game will try to find an equivalent.

3-star and 5-star teams are the most popular in PES myClub. I would recommend you play in 3-star matches if you feel like you don’t have a really strong 5-star team yet.

Weekly PES League

Every week, from Thursday to Thursday, Konami holds the Weekly PES League - where you try to compete for the biggest amount of points. If you finish in one of the top spots, you will move to a more competitive division the following week.

When Matchmaking occurs, you will see your opponent’s Acclaim and weekly PES points. If you win, you will get 50% of his points. If you lose, you will give 40% of your points to your opponent as well.

If you find an opponent with lots of points, you should focus and give your all - a win will significantly boost your table position!

Be aware that you will compete against random opponents from any division - not the ones that stand in the same table as you.

Your standing will be determined by the maximum amount of points you gathered at any given time during the week - so if you had 500 points and suddenly started a losing streak, don’t worry too much.

You can stay #1 even if you finish the week with 0 points, provided that at some given time you had more points than your opposition.

myClub Co-Op

Up to 6 players can play at the same time (3 versus 3). This is a fun way to play with friends, as 6 humans playing together add a lot of refreshing moments in the game.

You can play a Casual Match or a Clan Match. You can only participate in the latter if you belong to a clan with other friends of yours.

Only some players from your squad will be picked - you will pay for their contracts, even if they don't end up playing. In some games you will be the manager of the team, while in others you will just be a spectator until the game begins.

As you play more and more games, you will not only level up but also be rewarded with "Playing Styles" (such as "Finisher" or "One-touch Passer").

Ranked Match (SIM)

In this mode you won’t play at all. You simply pick a team and compete against another player’s team in a Simulated environment.

You can act like your team’s manager, making substitutions and changing formations, but you won’t be able to control any players.

Your opponents aren’t actually sitting there playing against you at the same time - you are facing other players’ “Cloud Match” teams, so you can take as much time as you want.

If you’re more hands-on, SIM matches may seem like a very boring mode to you. However, it is actually a very popular way to farm GP in the game. You can go here to learn more.

Although this is a Ranked Match, keep in mind that this SIM Ranking is separate from the Ranked Match one.

Tip: When the game starts, toggle “Match Data” to skip the game’s cut scenes. Matches will end quicker.


A random match against the AI. If you’re on a winning streak, the game’s difficulty will gradually become harder - not only will you face stronger teams, but the AI difficulty itself will increase.

You will earn GP as you move to a higher difficulty level, and more GP will be awarded to you when you beat a tougher opponent.

myClub Friendly

You create/join a match room and play against a friend. These games won’t impact your players’ contracts or stamina - but you won’t gain GP or EXP either.

This is a fun mode when you simply want to prove how good your teams are against some of your friends.


Your players will lose a bit of stamina after every game (except if you're playing myClub friendly matches). You don’t need to refill it all the time, but that’s something you should keep in mind after 3 games or more.

You can rest your players, so that stamina gradually recovers in the background. You can also switch to your SIM team for 1 game so that your whole team rests up.

You can also use a Stamina Recovery Item to get a player back to 100%. To use them, you will need to go to the CLUB HOUSE / SQUAD MANAGEMENT screen, pick the player you want and then press the "Player Menu" button. You will see a "Stamina Recovery (single)" item.

You can also replenish your whole team's stamina, although that's rarely a good use of Items. To do so, instead of picking a player, press the "Team Menu" button and use the "Stamina Recovery (All)" option.

These items are awarded to you as daily login rewards or after completing a certain number of games/actions.

How to get more GP

At first, everything you do will get you GP. If you try a new tactic in-game, or if you pull a new feint, you will be rewarded with a couple hundred GP.

After a while though, obtaining GP that way will get harder and harder. And you will need GP to spin Agents, renew contracts and buy scouts.

So what can you do?

#1: Daily Login

You will get a reward every day by simply logging in. This can be 1.500 GP, 30/40 coins, or 12 Stamina Recovery items.

This is a nice incentive, along with the 1st victory of the day - which gives you a 3.000 GP bonus. You can usually make at least 4k GP just by playing a single game every day (online or VS COM).

#2: SIMs

This is a method some people hate, but it’s guaranteed to bring you great results. It works very well if you can keep an eye on Pro Evolution Soccer every 15 minutes or so while you multitask - you’re basically earning GP in the background.

First, you create a team with a cheap manager, 11 white balls, and a stacked bench - the idea here is to have a 5-star team due to the players that are benched. Then, you turn Auto-Subs “OFF” so that they are never used (so that you don’t need to pay for their contracts).

This will result in losing pretty much every game (since your white balls will be facing black ball teams), but every 15 minutes you will be making 1320 GP.

You will receive a scout after every game, so after 10 games you simply don’t renew your players’ contracts - instead, you convert them into trainers (to feed them to your favourite players) and sign 10 new players to do this all over again.

This is obviously not a very exciting method, but it does have 2 big upsides:

You should use your cheapest manager to stay as profitable as possible. If you’re lucky, your team will earn just enough points for a free contract extension.

If you create a Cloud Match team, other players will also face your team in their SIM games. This means you will receive some additional GP every once a week as the outcome of those matches.

I advise you to pick your strongest team, as you won't need to renew their contracts and you increase your chances of winning those SIM games.

#3: Play the game!

Ironically enough, you can also earn GP by simply… playing the game! Who would have thought?

Earning GP by playing myClub itself

As mentioned above, one easy thing you should do is play at least once a day. The First Victory of the Day is always worthwhile (3.000 GP) - you can simply win an easy VS COM game.

Some VS COM games also have some multipliers - if you use TOTW players, for instance - or give you 500 GP as a bonus for winning the game.

Assuming you’re a decent player, you don’t even need to use your best players, to ensure that contract renewal costs stay low. Sometimes I even use White Balls I will then convert into trainers.

Online, Co-Op is a method that is very rewarding - even better if you have 6 players playing the game and you end up on the winning side. Only a portion of your players are picked to each game, so only some contracts will be used.

Online Ranked matches are not amazingly profitable, but every now and then you will encounter a “Special Match” - with more GP at stake if you win, and sometimes other rewards, such as an EXP trainer.

PES Weekly League is another nice way to earn some GP - you can earn as little as 7.000 GP and as much as 25.000 GP a week in a low division, depending on your position at the end of the week.

Earning GP by playing Matchday

This is a new competition in PES 2020. Matchday is a very time-limited event that will award you Scouts and Coins, depending on how much you play and how you perform against other players online during that time.

Have a look at this section to understand how Matchday works in more detail.

Earning GP by playing Offline Game Modes

This used to be a great way to gain some GP, but apparently it's no longer possible in PES 2020. In previous editions, completing Training and playing Master League or Become a Legend would get you some GP.

myClub Tips and Tricks

  1. Save your coins! Use them to get weekly Featured Players/Teams or to unlock a Top Manager at the beginning. For Contract Renewals and spinning Agents always use GP (unless you’re fine with injecting real money into the game).
  2. When you’re just getting started, play the "Introductory Online Challenge" competition first (inside WHAT'S ON), where each of your first 5 games will give you a boost of 10.000 GP (50.000 GP in total).
  3. If you’re playing a Ranked Match (SIM) to farm GP, immediately toggle “Match Data” to skip the game’s cut scenes. Matches will end quicker.
  4. When training players, keep in mind that trainers that reached levels multiple of 10 (level 10/20/30/40/…) will give more base EXP. Use this calculator to know exactly how much base EXP you can gain.
  5. Duplicate trainers provide a lot more EXP (3x base EXP) - if you have 2 exact same players, train one with the other for bigger boosts.
  6. If you have 3 exact same players, you can trade for any other player of the same Ball Type, level 1 (Legends do not apply). They all need to be the same version, ie, this won’t work if you have a Featured version of a player and 2 regular versions.
  7. Players who get a better match rating will get more EXP - and those are usually the ones that score goals. If you want to develop your CBs, consider using them as strikers in easy VS COM games for more EXP after each match.
  8. Top Managers are locked with coins at the beginning - as you play more and more matches (including SIMs), they will gradually become unlocked with GP. 400 games should unlock all managers in myClub.
  9. You can use Management Skill Boost items to increase your Manager’s Management skills (so that more skilled players can play in your team at the same time).
  10. Not every Collector’s Box has the same odds of giving you a Black Ball. Some weeks you’re better off saving GP.
  11. Try to login every day for free rewards - if possible, play one game a day to get your “First Victory of the Day” (3.000 GP). This will work even in an easy VS COM game.
  12. Make sure you combine scouts to increase your chances of getting the players you want. You can access PES DB to know the scout combinations you need, or use this spreadsheet to know which 100% Free Scouts you can use to get Gold/Silver/Bronze players (make sure you click on "File > Make a Copy" first).
  13. Have a look at 50% chance scout combinations as well. Every now and then you will notice you have the other player - meaning that a 50% chance is actually 100%, since you can't get duplicate players with scouts!
  14. Use cheap players as much as possible (eg: easy VS COM games). Save your superstars for the important matches.
  15. Don’t underestimate young players’ potential. Some silvers can actually reach 90+ OVR when maxed out.
  16. Use your Contract Renewal Tickets on your most expensive players.
  17. Make sure you lock your favorite players so that you don't accidentally convert them into trainers. To do so, visit the CLUB HOUSE / myClub MEMBERS screen and press the "Player Menu" button for the "Lock" feature.
  18. To save Stamina Recovery Items, you can rest your main team by switching to a SIM game with your white balls every 2 or 3 games.
  19. You can save multiple squads to easily toggle between your 3-star, 5-star and SIM teams. To do so, simply press the "Squad List" button in the CLUB HOUSE / SQUAD MANAGEMENT screen.
  20. To check your players' in-game stats (such as appearances, goals, assists, average ratings) go to the CLUB HOUSE / SQUAD MANAGEMENT screen, pick a player and press "Compare".
  21. Make sure your strongest team is the team assigned for Cloud Matches. This will be the team other players will face in SIM matches, and you will earn free GP once a week. The amount of GP will depend on your team's performance.
  22. Pay attention to Player Form: as your team grows bigger, try to pick only players that are on A and B-form, and in weeks where every player is on C-form, have a look at the "Form" attribute of each player.
  23. You can save some GP by renewing a player's contract while he is still developing. When you scout a player that you're sure you will be using often, I would suggest you immediately renew his contract while he is still level 1.

New to the game. What should I do first?

In this section you will learn how to avoid common newbie mistakes and get the most out of your club from the start.

As you open myClub for the first time, you will get a basic squad to get started. Your favorite players probably won't be in there, but this is how it begins. Each player has 10 contracts for you to use. You will also have a Superstar on loan.

You will notice you have GP and Coins in the upper right corner. This is your currency - you can read all about this here, but you're probably eager to start a game, so let's go!

In the first couple of games, you will notice that pretty much everything you do will award you GP - even basic things such as a skill or a manual pass. This is great to build some momentum, and you will also unlock some coins by completing some achievements.

Now that you have completed your first game, here is what I would do:

You can now explore the game at your leisure. Feel free to read the guide from the beginning or learn ways to get more GP.

Coming from FIFA’s Ultimate Team

First of all, welcome! PES myClub is quite different from Ultimate Team, so here are a few things you should keep in mind:

#1: There is no Market.

At least, not the Market you’re expecting. You won’t be able to buy players from other users, or sell your own. The way you build your team is by either opening packs with the help of Agents, or by combining Scouts.

There aren't any SBCs either.

#2: There are no Chemistry, Healing or Position cards.

You don’t have Chemistry cards (like “Hunter” or “Shadow”) to boost skills in Pro Evolution Soccer. Players’ skills can still be boosted, but you might want to have a look at Player Form for that.

Similarly, injuries happen VERY rarely in this game, and there are no healing cards provided as they aren’t needed.

You also won’t need to worry about the position of your players - assuming you’re getting a versatile player, he will perform in similar positions just as well, sometimes even better. More on this below (check #4: You can actually build your “Ultimate Team” here).

#3: Getting good players/managers is rather easy. Keeping them is the hard part.

Most PES players agree that getting a stacked team isn’t hard at all. You can get Black Balls (the best players) often, but you’ll quickly realize that the cost of keeping them is pretty high (about 3k-4k GP per 10 games - that’s about the GP you make if you actually win a game). This is the real challenge in PES - have a look at the How to get more GP section for ways to work around this problem.

Same goes for Managers - you can spend some coins/GP to get them, but you’ll need to renew their contracts every 25 games, should you fail to fulfil their objectives. A good manager can set you back 8k GP or more for a contract renewal - you will need a very good one if you want your team to be filled with Black Balls.

Every week you get Featured Players (similar to FIFA’s Team of the Week) who performed well in real life, and sometimes Featured Teams, highlighting some players from a popular team with higher ratings than their normal cards.

#4: You can actually build your “Ultimate Team” here.

What I mean by this is that Ronaldo can play alongside Messi without any problems. Players from different leagues/nations will play just as well - you don’t need to worry if he’s on “7 Chem” or if Ronaldo as LW will underperform as CF.

Just like in real life, players who are able to play in different positions will have that ability in the game. For instance, Messi is by default Second Striker, but can play as RWF, AMF or CF. Besides, they will get used to a certain position with experience.

There are also “Position Trainers”, which are items you can randomly gain that will max out a less popular position of a certain player.

#5: You can level up your favorite players.

As mentioned, there are no "Hunter" or "Anchor" cards, but you can level up your favorite players by training them - visit this section to learn more.

This is especially rewarding if you use a squad filled with young players.

#6: There is no Weekend League.

Yes, that’s right, you can get your sanity back with PES. No need to play 30 games in a weekend.

There is a PES Weekly League where you can compete for #1 in a division table and myClub Open, but that’s about it. The rewards aren’t that amazing anyway.

Site Updates

Konami does not update PES myClub that often, but I always keep an eye out for new info. Here is a list of recent updates to the site:


Contact Me

If you want to contribute or just say hi, drop me a message below.