PES myClub Tips and Tricks

If you are specifically looking for ways to get more GP, visit this section instead.

Here is a collection of tips to get the most out of PES 2021 myClub.

  1. Save your coins! Use them to get weekly Featured Players/Teams or to unlock a Top Manager at the beginning. For Contract Renewals and spinning Agents always use GP (unless you’re fine with injecting real money into the game).
  2. When you’re just getting started, play the "Introductory Online Challenge" competition first (inside WHAT'S ON), where each of your first 5 games will give you a boost of 25.000 GP (125.000 GP in total).
  3. If you’re playing a Ranked Match (SIM) to farm GP, immediately toggle “Match Data” to skip the game’s cut scenes. Matches will end quicker.
  4. When training players, keep in mind that trainers that reached levels multiple of 10 (level 10/20/30/40/…) will give more base EXP. Use this calculator to know exactly how much base EXP you can gain.
  5. Duplicate trainers provide a lot more EXP (3x base EXP) - if you have 2 exact same players, train one with the other for bigger boosts.
  6. If you have 3 exact same players, you can trade for any other player of the same Ball Type, level 1 (Legends do not apply). They all need to be the same version, ie, this won’t work if you have a Featured version of a player and 2 regular versions.
  7. Players who get a better match rating will get more EXP - and those are usually the ones that score goals. If you want to develop your CBs, consider using them as strikers in easy VS COM games for more EXP after each match.
  8. Top Managers are locked with coins at the beginning - as you play more and more matches (including SIMs), they will gradually become unlocked with GP. 400 games should unlock all managers in myClub. Have a look at some of the managers in the game here.
  9. You can use Management Skill Boost items to increase your Manager’s Management skills (so that more skilled players can play in your team at the same time).
  10. Not every Collector’s Box has the same odds of giving you a Black Ball. Some weeks you’re better off saving GP.
  11. Try to login every day for free rewards - if possible, play one game a day to get your “First Victory of the Day” (3.000 GP). This will work even in an easy VS COM game.
  12. Make sure you combine scouts to increase your chances of getting the players you want. You can access PES DB to know the scout combinations you need, or use this spreadsheet to know which 100% Free Scouts you can use to get Gold/Silver/Bronze players (make sure you click on "File > Make a Copy" first).
  13. Have a look at 50% chance scout combinations as well. Every now and then you will notice you have the other player - meaning that a 50% chance is actually 100%, since you can't get duplicate players with scouts!
  14. Use cheap players as much as possible (eg: to win easy VS COM games). Save your superstars for the important matches.
  15. Don’t underestimate young players’ potential. Some silvers can actually reach 90+ OVR when maxed out. Here are some of my favorite Gold, Silver and Bronze players.
  16. Use your Contract Renewal Tickets on your most expensive players.
  17. Make sure you lock your favorite players so that you don't accidentally convert them into trainers. To do so, visit the CLUB HOUSE / myClub MEMBERS screen and press the "Player Menu" button for the "Lock" feature.
  18. To save Stamina Recovery Items, you can rest your main team by switching to a SIM game with your white balls every 2 or 3 games.
  19. You can register multiple squads to easily toggle between your 3-star, 5-star and SIM teams. To do so, simply press the "Squad List" button in the CLUB HOUSE / SQUAD MANAGEMENT screen.
  20. To check your players' in-game stats (such as appearances, goals, assists, average ratings) go to the CLUB HOUSE / SQUAD MANAGEMENT screen, pick a player and press "Compare".
  21. Make sure your strongest team is the team assigned for Cloud Matches. This will be the team other players will face in SIM matches, and you will earn free GP once a week. The amount of GP will depend on your team's performance.
  22. Pay attention to Player Form and Live Condition Rating: as your team grows bigger, try to pick only players that are on A and B-Condition, and in weeks where every player is on Condition Rating of "C", have a look at the "Form" attribute of each player.
  23. You can save some GP by renewing a player's contract while he is still developing. When you scout a player that you're sure you will be using often, I would suggest you immediately renew his contract while he is still level 1.

Written and coded in sunny Lisbon by Bruno Brito 🇵🇹