Coins, GP and eFootball Points (PES myClub Currency)

Just like in real life, you’ll need money to run your club. Signing new players or managers can be expensive, and renewing their contracts is something you’ll also have to keep in mind.

You will have to rely mostly on GP and Coins for this. eFootball Points is new in 2021 and can also get you some players.


GP is probably the currency most will go for. In the beginning, pretty much everything you do in the game gives you GP - simple things, like a new feint or using a different tactic will give you 100-200 GP.

Every time you complete a game in myClub you will also earn some GP - even if you lose.

You can use this to renew contracts, hire managers, bid for scouts to get the players you want or try your luck with an agent. You won’t be able to get weekly Featured Players with GP, and most top Managers will be locked (ie, available with coins only) when you’re just getting started, so keep that in mind.

Have a look at this section to learn the most effective ways to quickly gain GP.


Coins are harder to obtain, especially after completing the initial achievements. Spending coins is the only way you can sign weekly Featured Players and the way to go if you want to unlock top Managers early on.

You get 30/40 coins by logging in to the game from time to time (every 3 days), and sometimes PES will simply give you coins as a reward for participating in a competition or when a product launch (such as PES Lite or PES Mobile) occurs.

Obtaining coins takes a while, but there is one way to speed up the process - you pay real money for coins. That’s how Konami makes money, after all!

100 coins are roughly $1 USD/EUR.

eFootball Points

This is a new addition in PES 2021, and enables you to earn points in a variety of ways across all platforms. This means you can play PES Mobile throughout the day and then use your points in your PlayStation or Xbox console.

To benefit from this new currency, you will need to link your game account to your KONAMI ID. Your Konami ID can only be linked to a single account on each platform, as stated here. It should be fine for most cases.

To use those points, you should go to the following screen:

  • eFootball PES 2021 Season Update (PS4, Xbox One, Steam): inside myClub homescreen, go to MYCLUB STORE > EFOOTBALL POINTS;
  • PES Mobile (eFootball PES 2021) (iOS, Android): Tap the shopping cart icon in the upper and go to REDEEM POINTS > [Details].

You can get some great players, including legends, as well as some rare club Kits (usually 2.000 points each) or Skill/Position trainers (500 points each).

Please note that these points have an expiration date. According to Konami, they expire at 23:59:59 (UTC) on the final day of the month, six-months after you claim them from your Inbox. You can view such details in the previously mentioned screens, or by logging in here).

Written and coded in sunny Lisbon by Bruno Brito 🇵🇹