Game Modes and Weekly Challenges

PES have some different Modes and Challenges to keep you busy throughout the week. The tasks won't change drastically, since Konami rarely produces different challenges, but at least the rewards will be reset.

Depending on the competition, they will refresh either on Monday or Thursday.

What’s On

This mode is updated every week (Monday, 8 AM UTC) with new challenges where you can usually unlock an Agent if you win (that gives you a Silver Ball or better, level 1), extra GP or some other training items, such as Position or Skill Trainers.

You have both Online and VS COM challenges:

Matchday Mode

A new competition launched in eFootball PES 2020. This is a daily, time-sensitive event with (usually) the following schedule:

  • 15:00-20:00 UTC in Europe;
  • 17:00-22:00 UTC in America;
  • 10:00-15:00 UTC in Asia;
  • 19:00-24:00 in Japan.

Depending on the day of the week, there are currently 2 ways to play Matchday: with "Preset Squads" or with "Custom Squads" (your myClub squad). Konami seems to be splitting these in 2 parts: you can play with the "Preset Squads" from Monday to Wednesday and "Custom Squads" from Thursday to Sunday.

You can access this mode outside myClub (go to the main screen and pick EFOOTBALL / MATCHDAY) on "Preset Squads" days or inside myClub, in the MATCH / WHAT'S ON / MATCHDAY section, on "Custom Squads" days.

You choose one of two sides and face other players who have chosen the other side in Group matches. The side that wins the Group Match stage earns an advantage in the Grand Final match (a 1 goal lead) and the side that emerges victorious there are crowned Matchday champions.

With "Preset Squads", every player has the arrow up (which improves their stats). With "Custom Squads", things are a little different. Let's say the game is Manchester United Vs Arsenal. You choose Manchester United. If you have players in your squad like David De Gea or Lindelöf, who belong to the side you choose, they will play with the arrow up. Conversely, a player like Guendouzi, who belongs to the other side, will have the arrow down, meaning that he will underperform.

Depending on the number of games you play and how you perform, there are usually 3 tiers for Rewards (100 / 500 / 1000 points), awarding you eFootball Points, Agents and Trainers. If your side wins, you gain 15.000 GP; if your side loses, 10.000 GP.

You can also earn extra GP if you spectate the Grand Final match between the 2 sides, which opposes the two players that have gathered more points during that day. After spectating the match, you will gain 10.000 GP regardless of the outcome.

You will also win some special rewards if you reach the Grand Final, such as a number of Special EXP Trainers. You will get more items if you win the match.

All rewards are the same, regardless if you're playing with "Preset Squads" or" Custom Squads".

Online Challenge Cup

You can play a weekly challenge that on most weeks awards you 10.000 GP if you win. If you're new to the game, you should play the "Introductory Online Challenge", where you get 25.000 GP for each of the first 5 online games you play (regardless of the match outcome).

There is usually a multiplier that will award you more GP if you use specific players in your squad - usually Featured Players from that week.

VS COM Challenge Cup

Usually you face 3 teams from that week’s featured league. Difficulty is usually pretty easy, and by winning all 3 games you are rewarded with 5.000 GP (rewards may be different, depending on the week). This is also great to repeat for that “First Victory of the Day” bonus (3.000 GP).

myClub Open

Every weekend, you will also find a special "myClub Open" screen here. This is a special competition with shorter matches: 5 minutes, with no Extra Time or Penalty Shootout.

Your rank is decided by your best results over 3 consecutive games. Highest points matter the most, but goal difference and time taken to achieve those results are also taken into account.

During the Qualifying Round there are no limits to the number of matches you can play. The top 16 will progress to the Knockout Phase. You need to be logged in the Qualifying Round Menu at the time the Qualifying Round ends, as you will lose your spot otherwise.

In the Knockout Phase, matches are still 5 minutes, but Penalty Shootout is included. Should you reach the final, the match duration is 10 minutes, with Extra Time and Penalty Shootout.

You will be rewarded with up to 20.000 GP, assuming you reach the final and win the game.

You won't be able to change your team throughout the competition - once you select your 18 players, all you can do is refill their stamina or renew their contracts.

Ranked Match

You face someone online. A victory will improve your ranking, while a defeat will negatively affect your position.

By default, Matchmaking usually tries to pair you against a similar team - if you have a 5-star team, you will face another 5-star team, but if you only have a 3-star team, the game will try to find an equivalent.

3-star and 5-star teams are the most popular in PES myClub. I would recommend you play in 3-star matches if you feel like you don’t have a really strong 5-star team yet.

Weekly PES League

Every week, from Thursday to Thursday, Konami holds the Weekly PES League - where you try to compete for the biggest amount of points. If you finish in one of the top spots, you will move to a more competitive division the following week.

When Matchmaking occurs, you will see your opponent’s Acclaim and weekly PES points. If you win, you will get 50% of his points. If you lose, you will give 40% of your points to your opponent as well.

If you find an opponent with lots of points, you should focus and give your all - a win will significantly boost your table position!

Be aware that you will compete against random opponents from any division - not the ones that stand in the same table as you.

Your standing will be determined by the maximum amount of points you gathered at any given time during the week - so if you had 500 points and suddenly started a losing streak, don’t worry too much.

You can stay #1 even if you finish the week with 0 points, provided that at some given time you had more points than your opposition.

myClub Co-Op

Up to 6 players can play at the same time (3 versus 3). This is a fun way to play with friends, as 6 humans playing together add a lot of refreshing moments in the game.

You can play a Casual Match or a Clan Match. You can only participate in the latter if you belong to a clan with other friends of yours.

Only some players from your squad will be picked - you will pay for their contracts, even if they don't end up playing. In some games you will be the manager of the team, while in others you will just be a spectator until the game begins.

As you play more and more games, you will not only level up but also be rewarded with "Playing Styles" (such as "Finisher" or "One-touch Passer").

Ranked Match (SIM)

In this mode you won’t play at all. You simply pick a team and compete against another player’s team in a Simulated environment.

You can act like your team’s manager, making substitutions and changing formations, but you won’t be able to control any players.

Your opponents aren’t actually sitting there playing against you at the same time - you are facing other players’ “Cloud Match” teams, so you can take as much time as you want.

If you’re more hands-on, SIM matches may seem like a very boring mode to you. However, it is actually a very popular way to farm GP in the game.

Although this is a Ranked Match, keep in mind that this SIM Ranking is separate from the Ranked Match one.

Tip: When the game starts, toggle “Match Data” to skip the game’s cut scenes. Matches will end quicker.


A random match against the AI. If you’re on a winning streak, the game’s difficulty will gradually become harder - not only will you face stronger teams, but the AI difficulty itself will increase.

You will earn GP as you move to a higher difficulty level, and more GP will be awarded to you when you beat a tougher opponent.

myClub Friendly

You create/join a match room and play against a friend. These games won’t impact your players’ contracts or stamina - but you won’t gain GP or EXP either.

This is a fun mode when you simply want to prove how good your teams are against some of your friends.

Written and coded in sunny Lisbon by Bruno Brito 🇵🇹