New to the Game

In this section you will learn how to avoid common newbie mistakes and get the most out of your club from the start.

As you open myClub for the first time, you will get a basic squad to get started. Your favorite players probably won't be in there, but this is how it begins. Each player has 10 contracts for you to use. You will also have a Superstar on loan.

You will notice you have GP and Coins in the upper right corner. This is your currency - you can read all about this here, but you're probably eager to start a game, so let's go! Just don't spend on anything just yet.

In the first couple of games, you will notice that pretty much everything you do will award you GP - even basic things such as a skill or a manual pass. This is great to build some momentum, and you will also unlock some coins by completing some achievements.

Now that you have completed your first couple of games, here is what I would do:

  • Spend coins in a top Manager ASAP. This should be the priority, as you won't be able to get a top manager with GP at the beginning. You can't change his preferred formation, so choose wisely. Have a look at some of the Available Managers here.
  • Never spend coins to open boxes - use them to get Featured Players. Coins are much harder to come by than GP. If there are no exciting Featured Players on that week, I advise you to save the coins.
  • When you decide to play online, complete the "Introductory Online Challenge" competition first (should be inside WHAT'S NEW / ONLINE CHALLENGE CUP) - it will give you 125.000 GP (25.000 GP per game), and those should be the first 5 games you play online.
  • Check the list of remaining achievements to increase the amount of coins you have, by visiting "myClub Records" in the CLUB HOUSE screen.
  • Complete all challenges (online and VS COM) for the week.
  • Don't sell your players after their contracts expire. If you have no plans on renewing their contracts, convert them into trainers and use them to level up your favorite players. If you don't have any favorite players yet, just save the trainers.

You can now explore the game at your leisure. Check out this section for ways to get more GP and make sure you read all my PES myClub tips.

Written and coded in sunny Lisbon by Bruno Brito 🇵🇹