The best Gold, Silver and Bronze Players in PES 2021

Here are my favorite players in PES 2021. This is a very subjective matter - you probably have different players you enjoy. But I hope you find a gem or two!

This became a rather extensive list, so this year I have decided to group them by Ball Type:

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You're probably asking: "Why are Black and White Ball Players missing?". The reason is simple.

With so many Featured Players available this year, I decided to exclude Black Ball players from this list. Getting them depends on luck, and the others I would recommend are the usual suspects (like Ronaldo or Van Dijk). They also have less levels to achieve their max potential, which to me is one of the fun aspects of myClub.

As for White Ball players, since I don't spend enough time training or playing with them, I don't feel comfortable in recommending any.

I'm not listing these players based on their training potential, or Max Overall. These are players that I own/are on my radar, due to their attributes, skills and style.

I have included pictures of all of them, so that you can have a look at their stats.

Don't forget to visit Player Attributes, Player Skills, and Playing Styles if something is unclear to you.

Written and coded in sunny Lisbon by Bruno Brito 🇵🇹