Playing Styles in PES 2021

Playing Styles were introduced in 2014 and have been expanded in PES 2019 with 4 more possibilities: Roaming Flank, Cross Specialist, Orchestrator, and Full-back Finisher.

Each player can only have 1 Playing Style (some have none), but up to 5 COM Playing Styles. You can't change these player traits in MyClub.

Playing Styles - The Complete List

Playing Styles are only activated if players are on their compatible position(s) and they affect the positioning and movement of the player.

There are 21 Playing Styles. This is the official description of each one, as provided by Konami.

Goal Poacher (CF / SS)

A predatory striker who plays off the shoulders of the last defender.

Dummy Runner (CF / SS / AMF)

A player who attracts the defence to create space for other players to exploit.

Fox in the Box (CF)

A striker who lurks in the opposition 18 yard box just waiting for the ball.

Target Man (CF)

A player who becomes the focal point of attack by holding the ball up in an advanced position.

Creative Playmaker (SS / LWF / RWF / AMF / LMF / RMF)

A player who takes advantage of any opening in the defense to initiate attacks and assists in shots on the goal.

Prolific Winger (LWF / RWF)

A player who positions himself on the wing to receive passes, occasionally cutting into the center when the opportunity arises.

Roaming Flank (LWF / RWF / LMF / RMF)

A player who tends to cut inside from the wing to receive passes.

Cross Specialist (LWF / RWF / LMF / RMF)

A player who hugs the touchline, waiting for a chance to cross the ball in.

Classic No. 10 (SS / AMF / CMF)

An old-style static playmaker who makes use of deft touches and passes rather than pace or movement.

Hole Player (SS / AMF / LMF / RMF / CMF)

A player who looks to make runs into the opposition goal area when the team is on the attack.

Box-to-Box (AMF / LMF / RMF / CMF / DMF)

A player who tirelessly covers every blade of grass for the full 90 minutes.

The Destroyer (CMF / DMF / CB)

A tenacious battler who keeps opposition attacks at bay through hard tackling and pressing.

Orchestrator (CMF / DMF)

A player who lurks in deeper positions, ready to initiate attacks.

Anchor Man (DMF)

A deep sitting defensive midfielder protecting the backline.

Build Up (CB)

A player who likes to drop back in order to receive the ball and trigger attacks from deep.

Offensive Full-back (LB / RB)

An attack-minded full back who will run upfield and join the attack when presented with a chance.

Full-back Finisher (LB / RB)

An attacking full-back who enjoys joining the attack in high central areas.

Defensive Full-back (LB / RB)

A solid full-back who prefers to stay back and stick to defensive duties.

Extra Frontman (CB)

A defender who likes to join in the attack and lay siege on the opposition goal at every given opportunity.

Offensive Goalkeeper (GK)

A keeper playing a sweeper type role who often comes out to cover the area behind the defence.

Defensive Goalkeeper (GK)

A solid keeper who prefers to stay around the goal line.

COM Playing Styles

This will affect AI-controlled players only (useful for SIMs or Co-Op games).

There are 7 COM Playing Styles and this is how Konami describes each one.


The step-over expert who makes the most of exquisite skills to dribble past the opposition.

Mazing Run

A player who looks to penetrate deep into opposition territory by using deft turns and dribbles.

Speeding Bullet

A pacey player who likes to get forward.

Incisive Run

A dribbler whose expertise is to cut in from the wide areas looking for goal scoring opportunities.

Long Ball Expert

A player who frequently plays the long ball.

Early Cross

A player with great vision who won't miss the chance to hit an early cross.

Long Ranger

A player who frequently takes snapshots at goal from range.

Written and coded in sunny Lisbon by Bruno Brito 🇵🇹