List of Available Managers in PES 2021

Hiring a good manager in PES myClub is important because, unlike other game modes, you can't assign a random formation to your myClub team. The best managers are always very expensive (costing you hundreds of coins) and are only possible to hire with GP after you have already played (or simulated) hundreds of games.

If you're looking for the Best Managers in the game, have a look at this page.

The list of Managers in PES 2021 is always changing, reflecting real-life events (such as a new manager joining a club, or changing formations mid-season). Also, keep in mind that you won't find every manager available at all times.

Konami refreshes the list of available managers to you on a daily basis (every 8 hours, as a general rule), so keep checking the CONTRACT / MANAGERS section.

On the last day of each month, the list of available managers is exceptionally refreshed every time you visit the "Hire New Managers" screen - this is usually the best day to grab the manager you have been waiting for!

If you would like to use multiple formations, don't forget that you can have more than one manager in-game - you can read my Assistant Coaches section to learn more.

332 Managers for PES 2021

Here is my Manager database. You may notice that some managers appear more than once; they may have moved on to other clubs or used different formations throughout the season.

I will add more in the upcoming days and make an effort to keep this updated with new managers I come across.

Currenty showing 332 managers.

Frequently Asked Questions (regarding Managers)

What are "Management Skills"?

Each player has a different cost, based on his ability. A Black Ball costs more, especially if he has a very high Overall. If the Total Costs of the players in your Squad is higher than your manager's Managemet Skills, you are advised to switch to cheaper players - you can still choose to use your superstars, but your team's Team Spirit will decrease dramatically.

Expensive managers usually come with a very high number of Management Skills, and you can still increase this value with Management Skill Boost items.

What does "Adaptability" mean?

The greater a manager's Adaptability, the higher his initial Familiarity level and the faster that level will grow (maximum is 120%). Familiarity will help in increasing Team Spirit.

Familiarity can actually drop as well. If you constantly use a manager as an Assistant Coach, this number will decrease. If he becomes your main manager again, Familiarity will go up once more.

You can quickly boost your Familiarity level by using Familiarity Boost items.

What does "Support Range", "Defensive Line" and "Compactness" mean?

You will see that each manager has a number next to each one of these 3 attributes, which can go from 1 to 10. "Support Range" concerns your manager's Attacking Instructions, while "Defensive Line" and "Compactness" affects the way your team defends.

Support Range

As far as "Support Range" is concerned, a lower number is desired if you enjoy a possession-based style with short passes, since players will stay closer together.

A higher number is desired if you play long balls and exploit counter-attacks, since teammates will keep their distance between eachother.

Defensive Line

When it comes to the "Defensive Line" attribute, a low number will make your team drop deeper, staying closer to the box, making it harder for the opponent to surprise you on the counter.

A high number will keep your players up on the pitch, applying more pressure but staying more vulnerable to quick counter attacks.


As for "Compactness", a low number will keep the team well spread out and wide, while a high value will keep your team closer together and more central in the pitch. The latter is a better option to prevent attacks from the middle.

Written and coded in sunny Lisbon by Bruno Brito 🇵🇹