Coming from FIFA's Ultimate Team

First of all, welcome! PES myClub is quite different from Ultimate Team, so in this page you will learn a few things you should keep in mind.

#1: There is no Market.

At least, not the Market you’re expecting. You won’t be able to buy players from other users, or sell your own. The way you build your team is by either opening packs with the help of Agents, or by combining Scouts.

There aren't any SBCs either.

#2: There are no Chemistry, Healing or Position cards.

You don’t have Chemistry cards (like “Hunter” or “Shadow”) to boost skills in Pro Evolution Soccer. Players’ skills can still be boosted, but you might want to have a look at Player Form for that.

Similarly, injuries happen VERY rarely in this game, and there are no healing cards provided as they aren’t needed.

You also won’t need to worry about the position of your players - assuming you’re getting a versatile player, he will perform in similar positions just as well, sometimes even better. More on this below (check #4: You can actually build your “Ultimate Team” here).

#3: Getting good players and managers is easy. Keeping them is the hard part.

Most PES players agree that getting a stacked team isn’t hard at all. You can get Black Balls (the best players) often, but you’ll quickly realize that the cost of keeping them is pretty high (about 3k-4k GP per 10 games - that’s about the GP you make if you actually win a game).

This is the real challenge in PES. To quickly earn more GP, have a look at the "How to get more GP" in the Tips and Tricks section for ways to work around this problem.

Same goes for Managers - you can spend some coins/GP to get them, but you’ll need to renew their contracts every 25 games, should you fail to fulfil their objectives. A good manager can set you back 8k GP or more for a contract renewal - you will need a very good one if you want your team to be filled with Black Balls.

Every week you get Featured Players (similar to FIFA’s Team of the Week) who performed well in real life, and sometimes Featured Teams, highlighting some players from a popular team with higher ratings than their normal cards.

#4: You can actually build your “Ultimate Team” here.

What I mean by this is that Ronaldo can play alongside Messi without any problems. Players from different leagues/nations will play just as well - you don’t need to worry if he’s on “7 Chem” or if Ronaldo as LW will underperform as CF.

Just like in real life, players who are able to play in different positions will have that ability in the game. For instance, Messi is by default Second Striker, but can play as RWF, AMF or CF. Besides, they will get used to a certain position with experience.

There are also “Position Trainers”, which are items you can randomly gain that will max out a less popular position of a certain player.

#5: You can level up your favorite players.

As mentioned, there are no "Hunter" or "Anchor" cards, but you can level up your favorite players by training them - visit this section to learn more.

This is especially rewarding if you use a squad filled with young players.

#6: There is no Weekend League.

Yes, that’s right, you can get your sanity back with PES. No need to play 30 games in a weekend.

There is a PES Weekly League where you can compete for #1 in a division table and myClub Open, but that’s about it. The rewards aren’t that amazing anyway.

Written and coded in sunny Lisbon by Bruno Brito 🇵🇹