Legends available in PES 2020

Konami releases a different list of iconic players to play in myClub every year.

Legends are some of the most exciting players available in the game, but they work a bit differently from other players in PES 2020.

You get legends by spinning agents. Very rarely will you get the chance to scout one - only if you earn the "Specific Players" scout given by Konami after you win a specific weekly competition (usually by beating the AI in "Legend" difficulty).

In previous editions, Legends would be available for 1 full week, and you could get them with GP, by spinning those weekly Agents featuring 300 or 450 players (25.000 GP for each spin, rewarding you with 3 different players and gradually emptying the box).

That changed in PES 2020. This year, you can only spin these agents with coins, from Thursday to Sunday of each week.

Each spin costs 100 coins. You have unlimited spins and the chance of getting duplicates.

Very rarely have I seen otherwise this year, but if that's the case, you will usually receive a notification from Konami.

The list of available legends to get is different every week. Most weeks have a theme around it (such as Spanish stars, or Serie A players), so you will usually find legends related to that league as well.

Here are some other things you should consider:

  • You can't trade players for Legends.
  • Legends are available in Agents, but never all at the same time.
  • Legends have their unique animation before presenting the player.
  • Once you unlock these players in myClub, you can use them in Master League.

Legends and Condition Rating

Legends had a Condition Rating of "C" every week. Since these players are no longer in active competition, their Condition Rating stayed the same after every weekly Live Update.

When PES 2019 was launched, "Players of the Week" became more and more popular and some overpowered beasts emerged. A lot of those players had good games in real life frequently, which made Legends less and less useful as the weeks in myClub progressed.

Thankfully, Konami noticed this and created a bigger incentive to use Legends throughout the season. As of February 13, 2020, every Legend has a Condition Rating of "B" instead of "C" in PES 2020.

Condition Ratings update for Legends in PES 2020

Iconic Moment Series

When Data Pack 5.0 was launched (version 4.3.0 on PES Mobile for iOS/Android), Konami introduced a new kind of Legends: Iconic Moment Series.

These cards have unique designs, based on photos taken during a standout match in their career. These players come with boosted stats that reflect their performance on that specific game.

You can boost these players' stats even further if you match their affiliated team to your own - so if you're using Puyol, you should change to the Barcelona Kit if you want to improve his stats.

A special version of Maradona was given for free to celebrate the launch of the Series. To get the other players, you will need to try your luck with coins, whenever you see they are available.

Konami later announced there will be multiple variations of the same Iconic Moment Series player, each one with a unique photo so that we can easily tell the difference between them.

If you get a duplicate Iconic Moment Series player and decide to convert him into an EXP Trainer, you should use him to train the identical variation of that player, as Konami promises doing so will "yeld a tremendous effect". It will also have an enhanced effect if used on different variations of that same player.

Here is the initial lineup of legends belonging to Iconic Moment Series:

  • Giovane Élber
  • Oliver Kahn
  • Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
  • Xavi
  • Diego Maradona
  • Shunsuke Nakamura
  • Carles Puyol
  • Frank Rijkaard
  • Marco van Basten
  • Fernando Morientes
  • Andrés Iniesta
  • Iker Casillas
  • Xabi Alonso
  • Diego Forlán
  • Fernando Torres

As every other legend, they will present a weekly Condition Rating of "B" by default.

List of Iconic Moment Series players featured per Week

Here is the list of available Iconic Moment Series players that were added on each Thursday (available for a week):

12/03/2020: G. Batistuta, Cafu, H. Nakata, F. Totti

14/03/2020: S. Nakamura

19/03/2020: D. Beckham, P. Scholes, R. Giggs

02/04/2020: Irwin, A. Cole, B. Robson, D. Yorke

09/04/2020: M. van Basten, F. Rijkaard, R. Gullit

16/04/2020: Iniesta, Puyol, Xavi

23/04/2020: G. Batistuta, Cafu, H. Nakata, F. Totti

30/04/2020: P. Scholes, D. Beckham, R. Giggs

7/05/2020: F. Baresi, P. Maldini, F. Inzaghi

14/05/2020: Diego Forlán, Fernando Torres

21/05/2020: Franz Beckenbauer, Giovane Élber, Oliver Kahn

28/05/2020: Adriano, J. Zanetti, E. Cambiasso, C. Chivu

04/06/2020: D. Bergkamp, E. Petit, R. Pirès

11/06/2020: Iker Casillas, R. Carlos, Guti, Morientes

18/06/2020: Franz Beckenbauer, Giovane Élber, K. Rummenigge, A. Del Piero, A. Pirlo, P. Nedvěd

25/06/2020: Rivaldo, Deco, P. Kluivert, D. Beckham, A. Cole, D. Yorke, P. Vieira, F. Ljungberg, T. Rosický

Legends in PES 2020 - The Complete List

Here is the complete list of iconic players Konami made available in PES 2020. There are 84 names in total - most should be familiar to football fans.

David Beckham is listed twice below. That is not a typo - there are 2 versions of this player in the game. Same for Ronaldinho, who was the poster boy for this year. Players who pre-ordered the game got Ronaldinho as a pre-order bonus.

New: a player that has been added to the game in Data Pack 4.0 (February 2020)

  • A. Arshavin (LWF)
  • A. Cole (CF)
  • A. Del Piero (SS)
  • A. Pirlo (DMF) New
  • Á. Recoba (SS)
  • Adriano (CF)
  • B. Lizarazu (LB)
  • B. Robson (CMF) New
  • Bebeto (SS)
  • C. Abbiati (GK)
  • C. Chivu (CB) New
  • Cafu (RB)
  • D. Beckham (RMF)
  • D. Beckham (RMF)
  • D. Bergkamp (SS)
  • D. Law (CF) New
  • D. Lugano (CB)
  • D. Maradona (SS)
  • D. Massaro (CF)
  • D. Stanković (CMF)
  • D. Yorke (CF)
  • Deco (AMF)
  • Denílson (LWF)
  • Dida (GK)
  • E. Cambiasso (DMF)
  • E. Petit (DMF)
  • Élber (CF) New
  • F. Baresi (CB)
  • F. Beckenbauer (CB)
  • F. Inzaghi (CF) New
  • F. Lampard (CMF) New
  • F. Ljungberg (RMF)
  • F. Rijkaard (DMF) New
  • F. Toldo (GK)
  • F. Totti (SS)
  • G. Barry (DMF) New
  • G. Batistuta (CF)
  • G. Bergomi (CB) New
  • Gilberto Silva (DMF)
  • Guardiola (DMF) New
  • Guti (CMF) New
  • H. Nakata (AMF)
  • I. Córdoba (CB) New
  • I. Zamorano (CF)
  • Iniesta (CMF)
  • Irwin (LB) New
  • J. Cruijff (SS)
  • J. Koller (CF) New
  • J. Zanetti (RB)
  • K. Rummenigge (SS)
  • L. Figo (RWF)
  • L. Giuly (RWF)
  • L. Matthäus (CMF)
  • M. Owen (CF) New
  • M. Salas (CF )
  • M. van Basten (CF) New
  • Morientes (CF) New
  • O. Kahn (GK)
  • P. Čech (GK) New
  • P. Kluivert (CF)
  • P. Maldini (CB)
  • P. Nedvěd (LMF)
  • P. Scholes (CMF)
  • P. Vieira (DMF)
  • Park Ji Sung (LMF)
  • Puyol (CB) New
  • R. Carlos (LB)
  • R. Giggs (LMF) New
  • R. Gullit (AMF)
  • R. Keane (CF) New
  • R. Pirès (LMF)
  • R. Rocha (CB)
  • R. Van der Vaart (AMF) New
  • Rái (AMF) New
  • Rivaldo (AMF)
  • Romário (CF)
  • Ronaldinho G. (AMF)
  • Ronaldinho G. (AMF)
  • S. Campbell (CB)
  • S. Given (GK) New
  • S. Nakamura (AMF) New
  • W. Samuel (CB)
  • Xavi (CMF) New
  • Y. Djorkaeff (AMF)
  • Zico (AMF)

PES 2020 Legend Edition

The Legend Edition is a more premium edition of PES 2020. If you buy this version of the game, you immediately get 1 legend from the following list of 11 players:

  • D. Beckham
  • D. Maradona
  • F. Totti
  • G. Batistuta
  • H. Nakata
  • Johan Cruijff
  • L. Matthäus
  • O. Kahn
  • P. Nedvěd
  • P. Vieira
  • Park Ji-sung