Signing New Players (via Agents)

You will start with some players, but if you want to build a competitive squad (or simply play with the footballers you like), you will eventually have to sign new players.

Let's start with the basics: understanding the different type of players you can get, and how to use Agents.

Types of Players

There are 5 different kinds of players - White/Bronze/Silver/Gold/Black Ball.

Ball type will depend on their OVR value at level 1. You will learn about levels later on.

  • White Ball: a player who is rated up to 69.
  • Bronze Ball: a player who is rated between 70-74.
  • Silver Ball: a player who is rated between 75-79.
  • Gold Ball: a player who is rated between 80-84.
  • Black Ball: a player who is rated above 85.

You may be tempted to build a Black Ball team, but keep in mind that those players will be more expensive when it’s time to renew all their contracts. A Black Ball can cost around 4k for 10 games, which is pretty much the GP you make after winning a game.

Each player also has a cost in the team. Black Balls are naturally more expensive - this will force you to get a top manager if you want to play with all your superstars, which is more expensive not only to obtain but to keep in your club. Go here to learn more about Signing Managers.

But how do you get those “superstars” players? There isn’t a “marketplace” like in FIFA’s Ultimate Team, where you can simply search for “Ronaldo” and buy. You will need to rely on Agents or Scouts.

Let’s look into Agents first. We will look into Scouts next.

Using Agents

If you’re feeling lucky and you have some GP/coins to spend, you can spin an Agent. This year, there are quite some Agent options in PES.

Collector’s Box

Every week, a new box pops up, usually with 300 or 450 players you can get. Each spin will cost you 25.000 GP (or 250 coins) and will get you 3 players (level 1).

This is also the only Agent that can get you Legends (such as Maradona or Roberto Carlos).

All these players will be level 1, Silver Ball or above.

Special Agent

On most weeks (including International Fixtures), you will get a “Players of the Week” box with 11 players that performed well in real life. Those can be from Clubs or from National Teams (which was a novelty in PES 2020).

There will also be a “Featured Club” (sometimes even more than just 1) with a selection of players (usually 8) that are rated higher than their default Overall Score. Assuming it’s a decent team, most will be Black Balls.

For both, you can only try your luck 3 times and each spin will cost you 100 coins. You will only get 1 player (level 1) per spin. Keep in mind that you can’t use GP for this.

Top Agent

There are 4 Top Agents you can use:

  • one will get you 3 Forwards;
  • one will get you 3 Midfielders;
  • one will get you 3 Defenders;
  • one will get you 3 Goalkeepers.

This Agent is helpful if you want to improve a specific area in your team.

All these players will be level 1, Silver Ball or above.

Agents as Rewards

Every Monday morning (8 AM UTC), a couple of new challenges become available where you may get an Agent if you win the game/cup. This will usually give you a Silver Ball or above, level 1.

Unlike previous years, this has been a rare reward in PES 2020 so it could be the same case for 2021 - Season Update.

From time to time, new legends will become available. On special occasions, Konami may leave a daily Agent in your inbox for you try your luck. You just need to login during a specific period, usually a whole week.

For instance, you could try to spin those agents to get Batistuta, who would be included in a pool with other Argentinian players.

As you noticed, this will randomly assign you new players. If you're looking for a specific player, you need a set of Scouts, which is what we will look into next.

Written and coded in sunny Lisbon by Bruno Brito 🇵🇹