Frequently Asked Questions in PES 2021

In this page you can find my answers to some of the most popular issues people have with PES 2021.

I made this list based on e-mails I get, and questions friends ask me.

I have several versions of Player X. Why can't I trade him for another player?

Because you need to have 3 copies of the exact version of the player. If, for example, you have the default Gold Ball version of the Player and you spin him twice as a featured Player of the Week, you won't be able to trade those 3 copies, since they don't match.

Keep in mind that Ball Type is not enough. Let's suppose you kept a Black Ball Player of the Week from Week 3 and you spin him again twice when he was once again featured on Week 24. Even though they are all Black Balls, they are not the same version, so you won't be allowed to trade him.

You would need to get that featured Player of the Week 3 times (the exact version of that week), or the Gold Ball version (by spinning agents, since you can't scout a player you already have in your club).

No, you never lose your players. As long as you don't release them from the club or convert them into trainers, they will always remain available in your club.

The only exception is loaned players.

You start a new team from scratch every year. You can't import teams or players from previous years.

In the Club House, go to "Squad Management". Select a player, press "X" to highlight him, and use the "Compare" feature by pressing Triangle.

If you go to Page 2 with R1, you will see Appearances, Goals, Assists, Avg Ratings and other useful info.

You can't scout a player you already have in your club. Your best bet is to scout a player, use him for 10 games and convert him to a trainer, and then scout him again. Do not touch any of those trainers you are piling up.

Once you have plenty of trainers this way, scout that player one final time and apply all those trainers to him.

No, that is not possible in PES 2021.

You get a random scout after each match, so it can take many matches until you get the scout you want. You should go to the Auctions House to get that specific scout.

Assuming Konami is not running a specific campaign, the only way to get a 5 star scout is by participating (and winning) an auction. Have a look at this section.

You don't need to spend any money. You can build a strong team in PES in just a couple of weeks.

Coins will definitely speed up the process, but you don't need to spend a dime. First, make sure you complete all the achievements that reward you with coins (visit "myClub Records" in the CLUB HOUSE screen). That will be more than enough to buy a good manager and some superstars.

Konami sometimes gives you more coins, as a way to celebrate a special occasion (like the launch of PES Mobile, or Christmas and New Year). So pay attention to those announcements.

Lastly, make sure you login every day. That way, you will get 100 coins per week. That's a new superstar every week.

This is more than enough to have a good team after a while.

Box resets can happen for several reasons:

  • People have already opened the whole box and want to open again (to get duplicates).
  • People want duplicates to train their players with them, and resetting it early saves GP/coins.
  • People get a black ball and decide to reset the box thinking that the next black ball can come faster (or that the next is the one they're looking for).

Personally, I never felt the need to reset the box, but the option is there.

I usually keep around 100 players in my team, because I play many online friendlies with my buddies and I like to mix it up.

I would say that 3-4 good players per position are good to have, because of the weekly form updates - I change my team every week according to their good performances in real life.

Once you convert a player into a trainer, you can't reverse this decision. Make sure you lock your players to prevent this from happening.

You can purchase some Skills or Position trainers for 500 points each if you have some eFootball points to spare.

Otherwise, you will need to wait until they are offering those tokens. Keep an eye on weekly challenges or weeks when Konami awards them by logging in.

If you want to start from scratch, you can go to “Extras” (last screen) and choose “Reset team”. I have never done it, but I believe you won't get any coins again, and will have the same GP as before you click on that button.

If you won the auction, the available scout should be available in your inbox. You need to redeem it first, before you can use it.

When a player’s contract runs out, after a game and after the manager performance screen, you will only have a chance to renew them with GP or coins.

To use your contract renewal tickets, you will need to choose “No” on that screen (you won’t lose the player), and then go to Squad Management and press square (on PS4) on the desired player.

You will then have the option to use your contract renewal tickets.

Using a 4* scout on its own does not guarantee you a Gold Ball player. You need to combine scouts to narrow down the possible options and get the player you want.

If you want a Gold Ball Player, only a combination of 4* scouts will give you the player with 100% certainty. Please read this section carefully.

It used to be available inside myClub in previous editions, but in PES 2020 that changed. You can now find it in the main PES screen, under Kick Off (last option, scroll down).

Written and coded in sunny Lisbon by Bruno Brito 🇵🇹