How to get more GP in PES 2021 myClub

Every action you perform for the first time in PES will get you GP. If you switch to a new tactic in-game, come up with a new skill move or even a goal celebration, you will be rewarded with a couple hundred GP.

After a while though, obtaining GP will become harder and harder. And you will need GP to spin Agents, renew contracts and buy scouts.

Konami will sometimes offer you GP as an incentive (for example, during a festive campaign) or because of technical problems that prevented players from playing online. Those bonuses are always welcome, but that's something you can't really control.

You can save some GP by using "Contract Renewal Tickets", when available, to renew your most expensive player's contracts. But if you use them every time, they will run out rather quickly.

In previous editions of PES myClub, you could earn GP by playing Offline Game Modes, such as Master League, Training or Become a Legend. This used to be a great way to gain some GP, but no longer possible since PES 2020.

So what can you do? Here are 3 things to keep in mind.

#1: Daily Login

You will get a reward every day by simply logging in. In PES 2021, this can be 300 eFootball Points (used to be 1.500 GP in previous versions), 30/40 coins, or 12 Stamina Recovery items.

The order is the following:

  • Day 1: 300 eFootball Points
  • Day 2: 12 Stamina Recovery Items
  • Day 3: 30 coins
  • Day 4: 300 eFootball Points
  • Day 5: 12 Stamina Recovery Items
  • Day 6: 30 coins
  • Day 7: 300 eFootball Points
  • Day 8: 12 Stamina Recovery Items
  • Day 9: 40 coins

Since you have already logged in, I would recommend going for that 1st victory of the day, which gives you a 3.000 GP bonus. You can easily make at least 4k GP just by winning a single game every day (even a stress-free match VS COM).

You won't make a lot of GP this way, but it all adds up. The real increase in your GP balance will come in the next tips (especially "Sims" and by playing "Matchday").

#2: SIMs

This is a method some people hate, but it’s guaranteed to bring you great results. It works very well if you can keep an eye on Pro Evolution Soccer every 15 minutes or so while you multitask - you’re basically earning GP in the background.

First, you create a team with a cheap manager, 11 white balls, and a stacked bench - the idea here is to have a 5-star team due to the players that are benched. Then, you turn Auto-Subs “OFF” so that they are never used (so that you don’t need to pay for their contracts).

This will result in losing pretty much every game (since your white balls will be facing black ball teams), but every 15 minutes you will be making 1320 GP. You may even win or draw some matches here and there, so that will be a nice bonus.

You will receive a scout after every game, so after 10 games you simply don’t renew your players’ contracts - instead, you convert them into trainers (to feed them to your favourite players) and sign 10 new players to do this all over again.

This is obviously not a very exciting method, but it does have 2 big upsides:

  • you’re earning GP with little effort;
  • you get more players to convert into EXP trainers.

You should use your cheapest manager to stay as profitable as possible. If you’re lucky, your team will earn just enough points for a free contract extension, but after so many losses, you will probably need to pay for the manager's contract renewal.

If you create a Cloud Match team, other players will also face your team in their SIM games. This means you will receive some additional GP once a week as the outcome of those matches, provided other users actually faced your team.

I advise you to pick your strongest team, as you won't need to renew their contracts and you increase your chances of winning those matches.

#3: Play the game!

Ironically enough, you can also earn GP by simply… playing the game! Who would have thought?

Earning GP by playing myClub (VS COM)

As mentioned above, one easy thing you should do is play at least once a day. The First Victory of the Day is always worthwhile (3.000 GP) - you can simply win an easy VS COM game and call it a day.

Every Monday, Konami will promote a new VS COM challenge to complete - You can find it under the "What's New" section.

On a normal week, you will get 5.000 GP by completing the challenge. Konami rarely introduces new rewards, so this one is pretty much a given. After completing it for the first time, you will get 500 GP as a bonus for each time you finish.

Those challenges are usually fairly accessible; assuming you’re a decent player, you don’t even need to use your best players, to ensure that contract renewal costs stay low.

Usually I just use White Balls from my SIM team, and then convert them into trainers.

Earning GP by completing Online competitions

Every Monday, you will also have a new Online challenge to complete under the "What's New" section.

On a normal week, you can get 10.000 GP for completing the online competition, which usually consists of earning 4 points after 3 games. After completing it for the first time, you will get 500 GP as a bonus for each time you finish.

Some Online games have multipliers, which increases the odds of gaining more GP. They usually occur if you use all 3 Players of the Week (of that exact week), or if you encounter a “Special Match”, where more GP is at stake if you win (and sometimes more rewards, such as EXP trainers).

When playing Online, Co-Op is a game mode that is very rewarding - even better if you have 6 players playing the game and you end up on the winning side. Only a portion of your players are picked to each game, so only some contracts will be used.

Online Ranked matches are not amazingly profitable, apart from those "Special Matches" mentioned above. But by playing them you can gain points which will help you rank in the PES Weekly League.

In the PES Weekly League you can earn as little as 7.000 GP and as much as 25.000 GP a week in a low division, depending on your position at the end of the weekly competition (Wednesday evening).

If you're lucky, you can steal a lot of points from another player and finish in one of the top positions.

If you're new to the PES Weekly League, have a look at how it works.

Earning GP by playing and spectating Matchday

This is a new competition which was first introduced in PES 2020. Matchday is a very time-limited event that usually awards you eFootball Points, Special Agents and Trainers, depending on how much you play and how you perform against other players online during that time.

Regarding GP, you will get 15.000 or 10.000 depending on picking the winning side, and additional 10.000 by spectating the Grand Final. You can simply play 1 Matchday match and then spectate the final and you're guaranteed a minimum of 20.000 GP every day.

Have a look at this section to understand how Matchday works in more detail.

Written and coded in sunny Lisbon by Bruno Brito 🇵🇹