Advanced Instructions in PES 2021

In the Game Plan screen, under "Preset Tactics", you can define Advanced Instructions for your team - up to 2 for Attack and 2 for Defence.

By default, they will be activated when you start every match, but you can toggle them ON/OFF by pressing L2 + the direction of the instruction in the D-pad.

These are all the Advanced Instructions available in eFootball PES 2021 - you can use them with any manager you choose. "Anchoring" is the most recent instruction, added in PES 2020.



Selected player is restricted from drifting out of position horizontally. For example, your centre forward will keep to a central position, and your wingers will not venture inside.

False Winger

Wingers (or wide midfielders when no wingers are present) who stray from their traditional wide positions to play more centrally. When a false winger comes inside, the full back on the same side will move into advanced positions.


Designated players will refrain from pushing forward in attack.

Hug the Touchline

Players on both flanks stay close to the touchline. This means that even if the ball is on the other side of the pitch, the player on the flank will stay wide.

Attacking Full Backs

Both full backs will surge forward while midfielders drop back to cover them. As the full backs push forward, wingers will move towards the middle.

Wing Rotation

When a player is in possession of the ball on the wing, a teammate will head to the touchline to give them passing options. Other teammates will then run into the space that has been created.


The priority is to keep passing the ball. Players take up positions to enable possession to be retained. Players will tend not to try to dash into space behind the opponent's defence.

False No.9

The striker will frequently drop into the hole to collect passes. As he comes back for the ball, his teammates will push forward to fill the space he has created.

Centring Targets

The aim is to score from crosses. When a player on the wing has possession, forwards will get into position in front of the goal and wait for the cross.

False Full Backs

The full backs stray from their traditional positions and push into the centre. This gives the team numbers in the middle of the pitch.


Wing Back

Wide midfielders or wingers drop back to cover defensively when needed.

Tight Marking

Certain players will be marked much tighter than usual, with the marker switching depending on the position. Space tends to open up as players track the opposition player they're marking.

Deep Defensive Line

The defending team drops back to guard against through balls, leaving more space between individual players and the opponent they are marking. As players are no longer tightly marked, it makes it easier to pass the ball to feet.

Swarm the Box

When the opponent is pushing forward up the wing, players will group in front of goal. As players are bunched near the goal, it becomes easier for the attacking team to shoot from far.

Counter Target

Certain forwards stay in the vicinity of the opposition's box rather than dropping back to help the defence. It means that these forwards do not use up energy running back and forward.


When a team loses possession, they immediately try to win it back with multiple players putting the player on the ball under pressure. It demands a lot of stamina.

Written and coded in sunny Lisbon by Bruno Brito 🇵🇹