V. Petković (2) (Vladimir Petković) - Manager in PES 2020 myClub

V. Petković (2) (Vladimir Petković) is a Bosnian football manager. These are his Offensive and Defensive tactics in PES 2020 while in charge of the Switzerland national team.

Note: This Manager has 2 more formations available. You may want to have a look at the following:

Quick Info

Cost in Coins470Cost in GP18.800 (if unlocked with GP)

Formation: 5-3-1-1
Management Skills: 820
Adaptability: 82

Offensive Tactic

V. Petković (2) (Vladimir Petković) Offensive Tactic in PES 2020 myClub

Defensive Tactic

V. Petković (2) (Vladimir Petković) Defensive Tactic in PES 2020 myClub

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