Use standard lofted passes to quickly break through

Standard lofted passes ("Circle" on PS4) are sometimes the best way to effectively make the ball travel from your Defense to your Midfield, or from your Midfield to your Forwards.

In this clip, by passing with a Long Ball, not only did I quickly get the ball out of my area, but I also managed to quickly set up a counter attack with that backheel pass.

To perform this, have a look at the radar and see if someone from the next block is unmarked, ideally with his back turned to the opposition - this is usually the case if you play with a Centre Forward with a "Target Man" playing style, for example.

This is a nice contrast to making a series of low passes to the side. Mix it up so that you become a more unpredictable player.

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Written and coded in sunny Lisbon by Bruno Brito 🇵🇹