Through balls are a safer choice than you may think

This is a simple tip, but sometimes I find that people see the trough ball pass ("Triangle" on PS4) as something that should only be used to get the ball to a winger or your striker.

This is not true at all, and it's something that you should use while exchanging the ball between your defenders or in the midfield, anytime you want to direct it to an empty space.

In this clip, I want to pass the ball to the player standing next to the referee. With a simple low pass using X, usually considered the "safe option", the pass could get intercepted, or my player would lose the ball as soon as he received it.

By using the through ball, I will force my midfielder to step forward, leaving his marker and thus winning more space to properly control the ball and retain possession.

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Written and coded in sunny Lisbon by Bruno Brito 🇵🇹