Letting the ball go through to create space

You can make the ball go through with your player by releasing all controls and just pressing R2 before you receive the ball (hold it until the ball gets past your player).

In this clip, have a look at the ball trajectory: if my player wasn't there, the ball would go through to an empty space, with no defenders nearby. With pacey wingers, you will quickly surprise the opposition and reach the ball first. The closer the opponent is marking you, the better - you will get a lot of space and he may even slip.

One other important aspect of this is that you will automatically be facing the goal. If I didn't let the ball go through, I would have to receive the ball, turn towards the goal and successfully dribble my opponent - this is a much more direct way to cause danger.

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Written and coded in sunny Lisbon by Bruno Brito 🇵🇹