Shield the ball by reading your opponent's moves

Shielding is the best way to get past opponents in PES 2021. This is more effective than any dribbling skill move.

To perform this, turn your back against the opponent, release all controls and gently adjust your player's back, depending on how the opposition chases you. Predicting the opponent's next step is critical to maintaining the ball for a long period of time.

Shielding can be important to win some time while your teammates join the attack, and is an effective way to move your opponent out of position.

In this clip I wanted to pass the ball to the midfielder standing next to the referee, but to avoid having my pass intercepted, I had to get rid of the defender marking me first.

Shielding can be infuriating to the opposition, often leading to fouls - this will become even more obvious if you shield with players that possess the "Gamesmanship" player skill - and we all know how dangerous free kicks can be in PES 2021!

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Written and coded in sunny Lisbon by Bruno Brito 🇵🇹